Joining AAC @ 31

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by El_Tel, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Just you views if you think it's a help or hinderince joining at 31??
  2. You will implode, the moment you swear in. Or if you post another thread, I fookin will.
  3. oh do excuse me, silly old me thought forums were for posting in.

    I do apologize for trying to seek information before I make a big commitment!
  4. What you thinking of joining as?
  5. To be honest I'm not 100% sure of all the roles available I need to have a chat with my advisor, I guess as a ground crew specialist, open to suggestions though.
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    At your age, pilot is out. The career path of a non-aircrew soldier in the AAC (you could be a door gunner (sorry, Aviation Crewman :roll: ) for a bit) isn't exactly rosy.

    If the aviation environment interests you though, what about the REME as an Aircraft Tech or Avionic Tech? What are your qualifications like?
  7. Well, I'd get a move on you crusty old git - the longer you leave it; the harder it'll get. :) Also, with recruiting having been good and the Air Corps being over manned you might not make the cut.

    What are your other options?
  8. My GCSE's from school all those years ago are poor, have a NVQ 3 in motor vehicle studies so am technically minded so to speak so maybe that's an option, although I read you need certain quals for the roles you mentioned??
  9. Go REME VM or RE fitter?
  10. lol going as quickly as I can, barb maths and literacy all squared away, medical forms are now in so just waiting approval there, training ass off for good 1.5 run time currently @ 9.30 mins, those bloody heaves/pull ups I'm worried about!
  11. But what is the age limit for Aviation Crewman?
  12. Never mind that, what's the age limit for joining the Army these days?!! They'll be taking pensioners next!
  13. The Army is full so you haven't a chance at the mo buddy. But not wanting to put a spanner into the works I dont hold much hope when they open the flood gates as they will only want younger blood!

    Good Luck

    Theres always the TA...Oh wait a thats closed as well.
  14. in your shoes i would join the REME as an air tech, not only do you get let loose with spanners and hammers, you will also be trained to fix the world with black nasty!
    good luck in whatever you go with!
  15. Hey El Tel
    Join as whatever you feel is the right choice for you mate. As for age I'm not that much far behind you at 27 (28 in june) and applying as long as you pass everything age shouldnt matter according to my AFCO. Just made decission on my job choices with AAC Groundcrew at no. 1 as always wanted to work in aviation. No chance of me getting REME aircraft tech as grades not good enough in GCSE's.

    Hope everything goes well fella :D