Joining a military Band

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by walting_matilda, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Know of a few kids that wanna join........... Any advice for experiences?
  2. Yes....erm...if they want to "join for experiences" then they should join erm..., a military band
  3. The term military band is used to describe an ensemble of musicians made up of woodwind instruments, brass and percussion. A brass band is made up of brass instruments most modern brass bands have a percussion section.

    It just happens to be that Army/ Royal Marine/ RAF bands are military bands.

    What ages are we talking about here, some schools have a small band alway's good as a starting point.
  4. Sorry, I didn't make myself 100% clear............................

    I know a kid (16+) who is very interested in joining an army band. Not sure which one. But it got me thinking, about life as a bandsman/musician in the army. Just thought there may be some on here who could give some advice or information..............
  5. Hi there

    My son is joining the Corps of Army Music - he's doing his Phase 1 basic training at Bassingbourn at the mo...

    The army bands run "Look at Life" courses which run for a week throughout the year.. my son did a week with the Minden Band at Bassingbourn and also a week with the REME band. If you love performing, its a fantastic career with lots of travel involved.. any more info you need let me know.. I can talk about it for hours!! lol

  6. I'm hopefully going to be Joining the Music Corps.

    The look at Life weeks are a really good insight to the millitary bands. I've done 3 of them now one with Grenadier Guards, one with REME and one at Kneller Hall. While on the courses you get to play with the band, do some marching band and small ensembles. If they are doing any concerts while your with them you also get the chance to play in them, well the ones i did we did. I think they also try and do a night with basic survival skills ect but i've missed out on this each time because all the week i've been on were very busy for the band at the time. To get on a course go on the website and it shpuld give you a list of avaliable courses. It also gives you info on the role of the musicians and tells you about the bursery scheme they offer for those who want to go to uni first.

    Here is the Music Corps website. Army Music Corps
  7. But has anyone got any experiences in working in a military bank...........? Whats it like?
  8. This one time, at band camp.......
  9. :D :D :D :D
  10. Just re read your post.

    I suppose the best people to ask about that would be the AGC. :roll:
  11. Or Biscuits_AB. Diddley diddley deeeeee :p