Joining 7 Para RHA

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Jamesforrester, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone could help me with choosing the correct path to follow in terms of becoming an officer in 7 Para RHA.
    I'm 17 and a member of my CCF and have been on various leadership courses with the cadets and pretty much learned what there is to know in the cadets.

    So basically, my question is, from where I am currently, what steps do I take to become an officer in 7 Para RHA.

    Cheers guys
  2. Perhaps learn to read should be a step you consider you dafty, then you would not have started the thread in a section called forces discounts.
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  3. I would have thought putting one step infront of the other to your computer/local recruitment office would be a good start, I'd give you directions and a map, but seeing you're trying to be a one pip wonder you'd just get lost anyway.
  4. Go to AFCO
    Get through AOSB Briefing
    Get through AOSB Main Board
    Go to PCCBC
    Go to Sandhurst for 44 weeks.
    Go to RA Young Officer Course for circa 5-6 months.
    Hope you get your first posting choice (7 RHA).

  5. I thought he was screaming for a discount from when I saw it in the Forces Discount Section
  6. 1:) Get Fit.
    2:) Learn to be a complete belter.

    Do this and 7 Hat will welcome you in.
  7. 7 RHAT! The "Parachute Regiment" bit has always been a bug bear, they are NOT Regt, nor are they Paratroopers, they are simply parachute trained Arty, "Parachutists" if you will.
  8. I couldn`t have put it better!! In answer to the original question. If you`re gonna be a Bear be a Grizzly, join Para Regt!!!
  9. I'd say they are Paratroopers. Just not infantry Paratroopers. It does bug me a little when they refer to themselves as 7 PARA though. There are only four PARA battalions. I don't start frothing at the mouth and wringing my hands though.
  10. I had a conversation with a 7 RHA officer in Bastion who informed me that 7 RHA were in fact superior to other paratroopers and infantry because as well as being "para fit" they can operate a gun line but also perform a dismounted infantry role as shown in various Herrick tours.

    All in all proving what a total **** he and his lot are and no his tongue was not in his cheek.
  11. Tell the truth Rupert, that didn't really happen did it?
  12. Sadly yes,

    To be fair to him he had only just joined his unit and was somewhat brainwashed and was keen to make known his reasons for choosing his illustrious unit.

    Shortly after he was fingered by a bootneck in the portaloo.
  13. Although "7 Para" is lazy slang, its of identical provenance to "x/y/z para" - the "parachute" part of 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery is no different from the "parachute" part of x Battalion, the Parachute Regiment....
  14. Utter bollocks, "The Parachute Regiment" is the actual name of an Airborne Infantry unit, 7 RHA just had it added in their to give them some kudos, they are infact Royal Arty. That would be like calling a car the Ford Porschè Mondeo. It's still a Mondeo no matter how you dress it up.
  15. And it's 7 RHA not 7 Para, there is ONLY 1,2,3,4 PARA (in capitals)....hurrumph.