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Joining 59 (City of Liverpool) Signal Squadron


I've pretty much decided to have a ago at joining the TA and as this Squadron is close to my home they seem to be the obvious choice.

It would be grate if someone could give me a general idea of what being a member of the Squadron is like, and also what the initial procedures are for joining. i.e. are all the checks (security / medical) done before you go on the Recruit Weekend.
Being scouse they will want to see how many hub caps you can steal in a minute and as it's a sig unit they will want to see if you can make an ariel for a car out of a wire coat hanger
Nah the other lot are across the road from the cream cracker factory mind you only round the road from the nick should their fingers get a bit too sticky :D
heidtheba said:
Baldrick66 said:
msr said:
But hey - they are just about to get the most incredible IT training suite ;)

I think that should read 'Networked Training Suite's' 8)

or are 33 going into competition with Atlas ? :lol:
Thank feck for that :?

I was sure it was 33 in Scouseland :eek:
33 (Lancs and Cheshire) Sig Reg, but I think he's right in saying that 59 Sqn is in Liverpool.....

I stand by to be corrected though......


33 sigs is in Huyton. Just on the outskirts of Liverpool.

They don't only nick your hubcaps there they rape your dogs

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