Joining 59 (City of Liverpool) Signal Squadron

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Homer7, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I've pretty much decided to have a ago at joining the TA and as this Squadron is close to my home they seem to be the obvious choice.

    It would be grate if someone could give me a general idea of what being a member of the Squadron is like, and also what the initial procedures are for joining. i.e. are all the checks (security / medical) done before you go on the Recruit Weekend.
  2. Being scouse they will want to see how many hub caps you can steal in a minute and as it's a sig unit they will want to see if you can make an ariel for a car out of a wire coat hanger
  3. There are a couple of 59 lads who post on these forums, although I've got to agree with brettarider in regards to Pikey Scousers :)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    But hey - they are just about to get the most incredible IT training suite ;)

  5. Msr,

    Is it going to be *donated by PC World?


    *ram raid on a Fri/Sat night per chance?

  6. I think that should read 'Networked Training Suite's' 8)

    or are 33 going into competition with Atlas ? :lol:
  7. Thank feck for that :?

    I was sure it was 33 in Scouseland :eek:
  8. Nah the other lot are across the road from the cream cracker factory mind you only round the road from the nick should their fingers get a bit too sticky :D
  9. 33 (Lancs and Cheshire) Sig Reg, but I think he's right in saying that 59 Sqn is in Liverpool.....

    I stand by to be corrected though......
  10. 33 sigs is in Huyton. Just on the outskirts of Liverpool.

    They don't only nick your hubcaps there they rape your dogs
  11. Come on guys anyone got any actually info and not just the old scouse jokes.