Joining 4para

Can anyone give me some details on how to join 4para? (have obviously tried phoning them and left a message)

I'd be interested if anyone has got any advice on fitness requirements and whether I could join 4para and do the DETAPO scheme at the same time as well...

Also, what are the eyesight requirements?


CBS - The fitness requirement for P-Coy is shown on the link. You will have a 3 month recruit cadre to get you to that level. As a start point, measure your 1.5 mile run time - it will need to be under 9mins 30 by the time you attempt P Coy. The cl;oser you are to that when you start training, the easier you will find it and the more you can concentrate on lessons etc.

You can possibly do TAPO as well, but the cadre is 8 weekends on a one on/one off basis and every Tuesday night. You cannot afford to miss any of this, so timings will probably clash.

Eyesight is the same as all TA i believe.

PM if you want to talk specifics.

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