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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ElMike, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys, new to the board. I've made up my mind and I want to join the Royal Army as a Gunner. Got a question though.

    I would really love to be in a Regiment that uses Light Guns. Only thing is only 1 "normal" regiment uses the Light Guns ( the other 2 are Para and Commando). The "normal" is the 40th RA. They are based in Ireland and have strong Scottish links apparently.
    Just wondering if it's no problem ( if they have space of course etc.) to get in there if I was recruited from London.

    Sorry if that is a silly question, I have to familiarize myself with the whole army system ... but I still have 6 months :D

    Also can anyone tell me how many push ups and sit ups are good at the selection training? I'm currently training and can do 60 push ups if I do a few secs. break and 80 sit ups without break. Would that be enough for the RA?

    I did use the search engine btw. didn't find anything related to this though, I'm crap at using them things :roll:
  2. there is space

    they recruit from all over the shop

    your fitness is more than good enough. what time can you do your 1.5mile in?

    why ignore Para/Commando regiments?
  3. 40 Regt isn't the only unit to use Light Gun, have a look at 4th Regt they use AS90 and Light Gun, they are based in Topcliffe North Yorks.
  4. Irish Cream that came over wrong in my post :eek: , I'm actually quite interested in the Commando regiment, just though it would be mega hard so I wanted to know if there are any others in case I would fail in the Commando tests.

    I can run the 1.5 mile in about 12:40, not that good I know running really is a problem, I used to do athletics till I was 12, then completely stopped did some football but for the last year I have only really been doing upper body stuff, still got some months so I'm trying to get my time to at least 12. ;)

    and buryfc thanks for that I'll have a look :idea:
  5. well you should aim high, ya never know, ya might pass!

    you definately gotta concentrate on the running, you should aim for hitting the 10minute mark.
  6. Things might have changed but I was attached to 40 "Failed" in the early 90´s and it was the worst ever Unit I served with in 22 years.

    The OC Wksp lied to me.
    The Families Officer lied to me and denied something had happened when I was absent from the Regiment on course.
    The heirarchy, at that time, almost destroyed my marriage and all because a RA WO2 felt he shouldn´t be living in a housing block with junior ranks but have a house.

    My personal recommendation is not only look for a different unit but also a different Corps/Arm.
  7. Maybe you're bitter because you're just a shite soldier and a bit of a cnut?
  8. Maybe it´s because they tried to truly shaft me ??

    BTW I finished 22 years service as a 22 SSgt with LS&GC and a DEME(A)s Commendation for my technical excellence.
    That proves that I wasn´t a poor soldier or a cnut, doesn´t it !!!!!!

    Also where was the Muzzle-brake Trophy in the early 90´s ?
    In the Wksp trophy cabinet !!!!!
  9. Staffy? Fail. Must try harder.
  10. I may have got further if I hadn´t have been well and truly shafted by the twats that were there at the time.
  11. So RAMCM dictates a spanner monkey's career does it? Man up sperm swallower.
  12. IF you checked my sig then you would have seen that I was not a "spanner monkey" as you put it.
    I am sure that every VM that has fixed the RA vehicles after gunners have broken them would also be extremely offended to be referred to as "spanner monkeys".

    Your replies do add to my argument however.
  13. Quite right too, although it's your username and not your sig. Monsieur Alpha should have referred to you as a "fucking geeky tech spanker".
  14. But at least I wasn´t as much of a Spanker as the CO was at the time.

    Charging Vehicle commanders because a bulb had failed during a convoy move.

    Or this is the best one to my mind.

    In Saudi Arabia leading up to the first gulf war, he draws all combat vehicles into a 400 meter square (approximate) and all personnel into a 100-150 meter square in the middle for a photo-shoot and then afterwards lectures us on the importance of dispersion so that one Iraqi rocket hit doesn´t take out multiple vehicles.
    One rocket hit at that time would have taken out the complete regiment.
  15. It didn't though did it? Any more top dits?
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Not open for further replies.