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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by andy74, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. Can anybody tell me if the detachment of 12 company 4 para which is based in st helens merseyside is just assault pioneers or can you do other roles within the platoon i.e recce,mortar etc,is it just an infantry platoon or is everyone a pioneer?

    any help much appreciated
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Which part of 'Assault Pioneer Platoon' don't you understand?

    Ohh, go outside and have a word with yourself.
  3. so thats all they do then,you cantspecialise in anything else?
  4. There might be opertunities to do driver training, they may even have medics or sigs attached, best person to ask would be the_duke or a few other 4 para blokes hanging around here, MSR's just being a dick ignore him.

    From my experience of the TA, if another TA unit in your regiment has a different job or different courses to yourself, you may be able to get on their courses if you speak to the right people involved and if you're a good egg who has put a lot in you'll find people will be more than willing to help get you on various courses, good luck.
  5. Which part of "cnut" do you not understand?

    One of the reasons for this Forum is too allow potential recruits too ask questions of more exerianced members. Give the Newbie a break FFS.
  6. Last time I looked this was an army rumour service, not an army recruiting one. If the 4 PARA website isn't clear on the role of their assault pioneers, then they need to address that - or add a questions for potential recruits bit to it.

    Why can't people post recruiting questions in the recruiting bit of this forum?
  7. Semantics, dear boy. And given the present situation, I think we should treat ANY potential recruit with a measure of respect. Especially for 4 Para, which has been warned off for deployment in Afghanistan next year.

    Anyone who wishes to join 4 Para - well, you're a better man than I am, Gungha Din. And I have no problem answering any questions my limited knowledge allows me too.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Andy74, and for the benefit of any others:

    4 Para has 3 Companies, each consistig of 2 rifle platoons and one specialist platoon. There is also an HQ Coy for supporting elements.

    10 Coy (London) has mortars, 12 Coy (Leeds, Hebburn & St Helens) has Assault Pioneers and snipers, 15 Coy (Scotland) has MMGs.

    Each specialist platoon is an infantry platoon, with specialist knowledge about the relevant additional role. In London, all soldiers are trained on the mortar, but the command elements are based at Croydon.

    You are not likely to get a mortar course if you are in St Helens - there are plenty of Asslt Pioneer skills you need to be learning.

    More importantly, get through CIC, P Coy and your Para course first, then worry about your continuation training. That should take at least a year!
  9. Nice 1 for the info,much appreciate gonna get up 2 speed on fitness b4 i even attempt to join-need to start putting in the miles.

    By the way are there any ex micks on here?