joining 3rd royal welsh

hi guys i'm looking at getting back into the royal welsh this year. i did apply last year but was medically rejected for 1 year. so it's time again to apply i've been going to the gym and running around my local lake but still need to lose about 1.5st before medical i'm also doing the slimming world diet to help me shift this fat. anyway i want to know if i should apply now or wait until im 100% fit.
If you're 17st I would say that your BMI is above what would be acceptable. There is however a further measurement that is taken if your BMI is too high and that is around the bellybutton which has to be under 94cms. Have you approached your intended unit and had a chat? Are you North, South or West Wales?
hi mate i want to join c company in pontypridd. i'm 100cms around my bellybutton.
1 metre around the middle? What's that in old money, about 40 inches? Shee-yit, yo is one fat mutherfukker. How old are you, for heaven's sake?
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Nothing quite like being polite and PC eh! The fella, I'm assuming it is, might be 7ft tall, you never know.
is it possible for me to lose 2st within 8 weeks. i've passed the service checks so next step for me is doctor records then onto a medical.

Stop guzzling all the bloody pies! 2stone, ffs!

Seriously, work out how many calories you need for your height, then go to gym and burn off what you don't need. Put in the effort, and a fair bit of road work, you never know! Try the NHS site for weight scales, ave for a 6ft fella, 10 to 12 1/2 St.

Undoubtly, someone here will know more. Good luck.
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Low calorie diet, carbs Ok but not in excess.
Make the majority of what you eat veg and fruit. So for example pasta or meat, have the bulk of your food in vegetables. Lightly boiled only, or sauteed/woked in oil - delicious.
Leave off lactics and milk products while you do this, - cheese, milk, yoghurts. Or if you are a cheese fan then once a week.
It's only for a couple of months for something you really want to do so go for it.