Joining 32 Regt

Hi all,

Just after a bit of advice.

Been in 12 Regt RA since 2001 and am currently on an ERE posting since April this year. I don't particularly fancy going back to 12 and am thinking of other RA regiments. I quite fancy 32 Regt, but as my trade is ACS their RCMO said i would need to re-role to UAV. I know i need to do the Potential Pilots Cadre Course.
I'm just wondering if 32 is a good regiment? I know they always have Bty constantly deployed in Herrick and that does not bother me.
I don't want to go back to 12 because it seemed to be going a bit down hill even before i left and alot of my mates their are saying it sucks.
I often wonder if all RA regiments are the same.
Anyway enough rambling, any advice will be appreciated.

Chow for now :headbang:
What level flaggy are you? If your level 3 or 4 (or higher) you could be quite useful, especially if you actually enjoy it. Unfortunately as you must already know we don'y yet qualify for higher rates of pay even though the comms systems we use and the spectrum of skills required to get comms going and keep going is fairly complex by anyones standards. Any way I digress. If your eyes are not pukka you won't be able to do TUAV, you also need to be happy to sit in an iso container for long periods of time operating the UAV's. (notice I didnt say fly!) The Regiment could do with some good flaggy's in preparation for newer systems in the future. However all that aside if your only level 2(hopefully not after 9 years) then there is no reason why you couldn't transfer as a UAV operator. If you want any more info PM me and will be happy to give you the truths...

Have you thought about 16 Regt? They have all trades converting to Sense and Warn or Base ISTAR in Afghan (and also share the BM role there with 12 Regt)and also deploy ACS to FI in the BCP and G6 role. They have a good camp in a convenient location for most of UK. People there seem to be happy with their lot. Your ACS/BM background would not be wasted and you would not need to tread water while you retrain.

Good luck anyway.



Thanks for the info. 16 Regt are an option i suppose but i kinda want to move out of the AD world, hense the reason why i am thinking of 32. Also thinking about 47 as an option, as they have re-rolled and may be able to move into an ACS slot. But i still have time to do in this ERE so may need to just concentrate on that. The actual role of both 12 and 16 seems uncertain at times. I know 9 Bty are back filling 10 bty on the MUAV front and 12 (minden) bty are going out to run the new Cortez system in Herrick.
Either way Once a Gunner always a Gunner.


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