Joining 266 Battery RA(V) / A Coy The Rifles

After a long time out of the TA I'm looking to re join now that I have moved house and my situation has changed having had a MAD work life for the past few years. I'm taking 12 months off work to devote to a personal project.

I'm thinking about either 266 Battery RA in Bristol or A Company Rifles in Gloucester, as I'm bang in between the two.

I was thinking about UKSFR, but an astygmatism has put pay to that.

I would like to apply for a commission eventually (I have a number of management quals).

I was wondering in there is anyone on here that is a member of either unit that coud give me an insight? I have emailed both the relevant PSAO's.

Cheers. C
Try PMing Hollos, he's A Coy 6 Rifles. Not that you'll get much sense out of him mind!
If you fancy the challenge, 266 Bty is now Commando
wellyhead said:
If you fancy the challenge, 266 Bty is now Commando
Never should have gotten rid of 289 (Cdo) Bty :(
I was under the impression that 266 was re-roling as an AD Bty. All their recent staff acquisitions are rapier rather than light gun qualified...
I guess it boils down to whether you want to be a Gunner or an Infanteer. Visit both units, make an informed decision.
I can't speak for 266 Bty, but I get the impression they are a good unit. If you heve no joy with the PSAO of 266 PM me, I know one of the Lt's there.
Hollos and Belt-Twit are both A Coy 6 Rifles.
If you get no joy from either unit, PM Coax-on, he'll sort you out. (Oooh-err missus!)
are the TA from 6 & 7 Rifles allowed to do the AACC? I suppose it makes sense if they can be used as IRs on ops
Belt_Twit said:
There is also the opportunity to do the Commando Course within the Rifles.

@staticlinepimp - sh*te post, at least try and explain a little.
belt twit get back in your box ...
but ok hows this
266 are roled in support of 29 cdo RA their regt 100 regt RA also provides support for 7 RHA and 40 regt I understand .
So with that in mind it opens up firstly a large group of training opportunities supporting 3 CDO and 16 AA and secondly varied deployments on ops ..........
they also seem to have an excellent attitude to their work down there on white ladies road.

happy belt twit ?

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