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Joining 23 para regiment ? Questions and advice please

Hi guys,

Been doing a little exploring for my future in the royal engineers soon and was just wondering when we finish trade training and can apply for the choice of joining a regiment ,if I was to select 23 para regiment (and fingers crossed get selected) would I still be in the regiment even if I haven't completed p-coy ? I read on another article that not every engineer in the the regiment has passed p-company and only about half or so have there wings, does this mean that if I do hopefully get into 23 para do I need to 100% pass p-company to stay there or can I still be in the regiment if I was not to pass ? Likewise is this the same for 24 commando regiment ?

P.s I've basically heard you can be posted at 23 without actually passing p coy, is this true ?

Thank you
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