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Joining 21 SAS

A mate of mine has asked me to find out how he goes about joining 21 SAS, he got halfway through 22 SAS training but failed in the jungle, could anybody advise me so i can advise him of the route to go.

You don't get three attempts, you get 2, and possible third is only on invite under exceptional circumstances. (only if you didn't VW though, otherwise you no more attempts)
Noooo not another 21/23 SAS thread. I would suggest that if you have to post on Arrse as a first point of enquiry rather than contacting via the website/ directly, then you/your mate probably isn't the type of potential recruit that they are seeking.
Your mate is talking shite. 21 is a TA Unit, 22 is Regular.
Unless he's signed off, and then joined the TA, he's talking bollocks.

Wants to join UKSF(R) and he can't find out the info himself ???????

I'm sure they'll be delighted with such a high calibre candidate
It's amazing how many people have got to the "trees". Well there is a certain person in a certain gaurds regiment that told a few people that he had got to the end of the "trees". The truth was he was given six months to train by his regt then failed the CFT on day one. The point is dont beleive everything you hear and also funny enough the only stories people get to hear are from all the failures than didn't get in anyway!

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