Joining 21 Engr reg in May

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Fozza, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. ok hope these questions won't be too bone but a couple of the lads and I are joining 21 in about may time and had a couple of questions.

    1. Is the entire reg in Afghan Sept 2012 or will there be backparty squadrons?
    2. This one for someone who's in love! Can you bring the local skanks back onto camp(if you sign them in) to make babies and get dicked with CSA?!
    3. For the techies, whats the availability to work in the regt workshops as a fitter class 2?
    4. Is there a HIVE facility house you rent out on camp for friends and family. If, so how much per night?
    5. Accomodation - Is the accomodation 4 man rooms? We have also been told it's hit and miss whether it's modernised or not?
    6. Is Wi-fi available in the accomodation blocks?

    Cheers for any help provided, will clear up a few minor things before us Crows join you!

  2. 1. Yes there will be a Regt Rear.
    2. Yes, as long as you go the right way about it.
    3 & 4. Don't know but will find out for you.

    What Sqn are you going into?
  3. I'm calling a (shit) Wahh on that Parky get yourself to the bar ;)
  4. Thanks for the response parky.

    I don't know myself and wherever i go to try and find out i'm told the same! Some of the other lads are joining 15 sqn search. They have been told that they will either be doing search with other engineers or combat engineering attached to the infantry.

    I've posted a couple more questions up above as well, thanks again for any more you can answer.
  5. Accommodation not hit or miss its just not modernised, old(ish) blocks, each flat has 2 bunks and 2 x 4 man rooms. You'll be in one of the 4 man rooms!

    Wi-fi available through a company called Wifinity. Charge you £16.99 a month for supposed unlimited downloads but its down more than its working and when it does work its so slow you struggle to watch a youtube clip never mind anything else.
    I use a 3 mobile dongle most of the time now.

    Your posting orders should state what sqn your going to, the lads that are going to 15 won't actually be part of 21 but are based here.
  6. This is assuming you are a Sapper, the nature of your question actually swayed me otherwise.

    Reference wifi, that is currently being questioned with the possibility of being changed and even a free one being introduced.
  7. I assumed he's a spr due to asking about class 2 fitter jobs in workshops and correct me if I'm wrong but you don't have 4 man rooms up the hill?

    Hope Wifinity do get the boot, reported our internet was down last Tues, had a technician turn up Thurs who said he needed to order in some new routers and would be back Mon or Tues. Nothings happened so rang back up again today and the call centre are saying they've got no reports of anything being reported.

    If it didn't cost £170 then £17/month line rental to get a BT phone line installed I wouldn't be giving them my money!
  8. you need to find my old single bunk...i and a few others had lines installed (3rd block up from 11 Sqns old offices) middle floor, rhs (-;=
  9. Think thats 73's block now mate so I'd need to get cross posted 1st. In the block opposite the tgn wing bar 1 sky dish there don't seem to be any add on's
  10. It's not like we see you a lot in the squadron anyway.
  11. feck the blocks, all you need to know is where the blower/bull/rat & brontes are. ;-)
  12. Bronte's? Showing your age there Knocker!

    You forgot the Mucky Duck, Lamb & Flag (4 Sqn's main pub of choice) & Tom Cruds when it reopens as Wetherspoons shortly.

    Monty's on a Wed for gobbing strippers and Matrix on a Thurs so you can chuck your ale up on the revolving dancefloor.......what a city Ripon is ;)
  13. 11 years since i left Claro Bks mate and the air mobile/air assault role.
  14. ahhh I see old age setting in? ;)
  15. Air mobile, now you are showing your age!