Joining 1 scots?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Plankcore, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Aye, so basically i'm about to get started with my application for the army, and it seems very likely i'm going to be sent to the royal regiment of scotland. I'm just wondering if you folks have any experience with whether or not I can get a say in which battalion I go to? Being from Edinburgh im quite keen to go to 1 scots, although i'm not gonna cry if I get sent elsewhere, just my preference.

    So, anybody got a clue? :p
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Yep 4th Scots. the Highlanders
  3. Try 4th Scots (Highlanders) who are doing Warrior in Germany or 5th Scots (Argylls) who are Air Assault Infantry in 16 Bde in Cantebury. If you stay in for a couple of years you will find yourself back in Edinburgh before too long. Try somewhere else first. All the best.
  4. I'm right keen on doing light role though. Call me daft, but I do. :p

    Anyway I phoned up the AFCO, said it usually isn't a problem. Gonna get the ball rolling once I'm happy with my fitness. I have high standards though. :p
  5. Good luck, whichever jock battalion you join.
  6. Its no great problem to transfer at ITC. BUT there is a recomendation to do 2 years in parent battalion. Why not get in touch with recruiting team in Edinburgh. the are supposed to be impartial. Any how if u want to stay at home 1 & 2 scots are in dreghorn and glencorse, 3are in Belfast till late in year then coming back to Scotland as light Bn, 4 are Armoured in Fallinbostel and 5 are in 16 Asslt in canterbury. so as they say the decision is yours. BIG MAN!!!
  7. Well aye, I might make the switch if I fancy a change during service. Cheers all, appreciate it. I'll keep you up to date on how it goes. Going for a chat in the Edinburgh AFCO tomorrow morning, we'll see how it goes. :)