joining 1 royal anglian

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uksharpshooter, May 16, 2009.

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  1. hey im joing 1 R Ang just wondered how many people on here were going threw all the processes of joining up wich are then going to go to one royal anglian just so we can get to no each other a bit and help each other
  2. Same mate start my basic June 14th what about you?
  3. If you want to join the Royal Anglian Regiment, then I suggest you use the correct abbervation which is (R Ang)or you could join the Royal Artillary (RA).

  4. im going 26th july
  5. ok mate fair doo's changes it now thanks
  6. hey mate going on holiday july 4 my recruiter said hes going to get me in early october how is every boady
  7. hey luke mate you joining viking's
  8. yea
  9. what made you want to join viking ?? good choice if i do say so myself
  10. becuase there mechanised and just thought i would enjoy it more than being light role . also where i come from many vikings have been recruited from here.
  11. oh and dose any one no when the last medal tour is for 1 royal anglian ??
  12. I suggest you also learn the name of the regiment which is The Royal Anglian Regiment, note the capitalisation of the letter T in the word "The" which is part of the name.

    Also the correct abbreviation is R ANGLIAN, and should be capitaized.
  13. its spelt like this for convinience
  14. same as. ur an essex boy aint ya id say basilson ??? wheres ur local recruitment center
  15. yea basildon and my career office is at southend mate