Joining 1 Para from training?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TheDeludedStranger, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm applying to join the Parachute Regiment and I have PRAC coming up in just a few short days.

    Now my conundrum is; I was talking to a Para who had just finished training and he said he'd been posted straight to 1 Para. But the British Army Web-site claims "On completion of your first two years in 2 or 3 PARA you may be selected for a tour with 1 PARA"

    As a preference I would prefer to join 1 Para, is there anyone who can provide clarification on this?
  2. X59

    X59 LE

    Wind up.

  3. ?

    No wind up I'm looking for a response.
  4. I'd suggest you go straight to the horses mouth and talk to your recruiting officer!
  5. The answer is yes you can go straight from Depot but they also take blokes from 2 and 3 Para who want to go over. No big secret.
  6. Bloody Sunday is not going to happen again.
  7. I think the Regiment would "prefer" you to pass the neccessary courses first, otherwise you'll find that you'll be going to your second preferance...the RLC!
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  8. Very good point, I'm finding theres a trend for people who are joining/about to join/ deciding to join etc etc to think that 'passing' is a given. Has it become that easy? Is it a given? I've been out that long I'm out of touch..
  9. I have done BARB, passed pre-ADSC and ADSC. I just have PRAC left to do, all I want to know is can I opt to join 1 PARA straightaway after training, or do i have to complete 2-3 years service in 2 or 3 PARA?
  10. Deluded, you can opt to join who you like, but until you've passed the lot and someone has presented you with your pink [deliberate, deliberate!] beret then its all acaedemic ~ as someone said earlier ask your recruitment people...........
  11. Maybe, maybe not... but I suggest you stop thinking about it, you won't know for sure until (if) you pass your training and stand out as an exceptional candidate. No answer you get on here will be definitive.

  12. As JP says dont fret about it. Worry about that when your coming to the end of your training. You're not Rambo yet son. Dont drink in the park in Catterick either, the RMP there dont like it.

  13. Listen.....carefully!

    The fact that you've "done" BARB, "passed" Pre & ADSC & you still have PRAC to do, means "Diddly Squit" in the Big boys world!

    You've still got the "Dreaded" PFT to pass, the 10 miler stroll with a couple of pounds of weight, the stetcher picnic afternoon, the Log fun run, a dozen or so "Sickeners" along the way....oh & a Queensbury rules bitch slapping fest.

    Then when you've got through your basic training & passed that easy week on the piss, called P Company, you've still got to get your sorry little arse over to BZN, for a month or so of fun fun fun, of shagging the RAF Warrant Officers daughter, before you are awarded the BBC!

    Then & only then will you get to even discuss your "preference"

    With the failure rate at roughly 60%, the chances are, you'll get your second preference. To be a Driver in the RLC.

    Now stop pestering the good burghers of Arrse, with your pathetic questions.
    As there could be a few of your future instructors looking in & taking notes & wondering when they'll meet TheDeludedStranger!
  14. Children, he's asked a reasonable question.

    *Edit because I thought this was in the Infantry forum for some reason*
  15. Oh dear Deluded. Looks like your possible instructor is going to be twothreeuptwothreedown. You're fucked!
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