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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by peterpan, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. hello there im thinkin of joinin up the army or have be playin with idea since leavin school but never end up doin it . im 24 now and always find a excuse why i should not do it like im 2 old2 do it now and should of done it strait from school etc . the thing is my little brother is joinin the raf soon and its got me thinkin about it again big time iv been on web sites so many times got info sent frew and think this is what i want to do im always down gym and i love sports and like to travel so it all sounds good but dont want to make a mistake. i like to be a pti but cant do this strait away so was thinkin of bein a dog handler at first in there as love dogs 2 .my home life aint all that now dont realy get on with perents and im fed up with job as builder and want to do sank els so this seams a good way 2 make fresh start. am i 2 old 2 start in army now? and wot do you think of army life now from you bein in there . would i be makin mistake and would you still join up if you new what you no now about army and life in there. any info pls to help make mide up would phone them this week to get ball rollin
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    For a 24 year old, your post is chav-tastically atrocious.

    I've tidied it up a bit, so it doesn't make everyones eyes bleed like mine:

  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Okay Mr Pan......let's assume ( for one second) this is not what the Army likes to call a WAH......

    1) Dog-handler is a good trade and if you have the knack will see you in all sorts of interesting places....not least Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire :)

    2) If you are a time-served builder by civvy trade they'll bite your arm off for either Royal Engineers or ( if your recruit test scores aren't as brill as you might expect) RLC Pioneer.

    At 24 , you are not too old....but that said a lot depends on your physical fitness.

    If this is NOT a wah....good luck.

    ( if it is, then ur txt spk is shoite an' ya nee ter gerrout mor innit ...larf out loud like a lizard flat out drinkin')
  4. Righto chaps lets remember the nature of this forum and cut people some slack. Their not all going to be brain surgeons with the English lit of Shakespeare.

    If you cannot offer good advice or fair comment just stay away.
  5. Hey, peter pan. I'm 23 and start basic next month - so I don't think you are too old. Anyway, goodluck in making your decision!
  6. Your not "too old" till you hit 33. Im 26, ill be joining when ive dealt with life here.

    Which brings me to another question...... I know this is a hard one to answer but what is the average age of the recruits at phase 1? Many older recruits?
  7. do it
  8. I'm also thinking of joining up reg (TA at the moment) but a little worried about the age difference i am going to be 27 soon and i know a lot of people joining are going to be alot younger than me, anyone got any advice :)
  9. You only get one life mate, if its something your sure about then just do it, if you dont it will niggle at you every time civvy street goes wrong, I joined up at 28, yeah there were a lot of younger lads going through basic, 16, 17, 18, but a couple of older lads as well, you never know you might not be the oldest, just do it man.
  10. Handyman,

    cheers for the reply, how did you get on with the younger guys and gals? how did you find the age difference? this is the only thing really worrying me dont wanna be seen as the old biddy of the intake :)
  11. To be honest id be more prepared as a 26 yr old than i would have been at 16 when my step bro went in and left after 6 weeks.
  12. I will be honest with you, it was difficult, it took a couple of weeks to get use to it but at the end of the day your all in the same boat, being older meant you could give the young uns a bit of advice at times but you get used to it, like I said you only get one life and even if you join and leave it will not eat at you later in life cos you know youve tried it,
  13. Well said, handyman.
  14. Know what you mean. My DH had been on about joining the TA for years and in the end I said to him "will you stop talking about it and just bloody do it!" He was 35 at the time and i knew that he could always leave if he hated it but couldn't join if he left it muc :D h longer. Regret the things you don't do NOT the things you do! Saying that he does have one regret and that is that he didn't do it sooner. He's on his first tour in the sandpit at the minute and i couldn't be more proud of him! And yes, his nickname is Dad!!! :D
  15. well been down the afco this morning and had a chat....looks like there is life is this old bird yet hahaha (ok ok i know i'm only 26 at the moment but shall be 27 when eventually get there) but i'm gonna feel like a bloody mum when i get to basic!!