Joing the TA in REME (hopefully)

Discussion in 'REME' started by Username., Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. Im planning on joining the TA (Yes, say what ya want about the TA). I am hoping on going into REME as a Metalsmith, as im currently in college doing Welding as well.

    But, I live in Mid Wales, and i was hoping if someone could tell me how the training would work out for REME. As there is no REME training facilities near me. Would it be a case of traveling a long distance to one, or would the TA provide sessions for me at my nearest training centre?

    I have tried asking REME, ive emailed and rang and its always the case of someone will get back to you. hmphh
    Even the Army careers just passed me round like a cheap blow up doll.

    Im only asking now before i apply, so I know if i need to change my jobs.

    Thanks for any help here guys.
  2. Call 102Bn REME and ask about becoming 'National' TA.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yes, and ask as a first question - "will the National TA still be here in 6 month's time?" There's going to be far fewer local REME detachments, and I'm pretty sure the Nationally-recruited Units are in for a hard time, but could well be wrong.

    Anyway, enquire away via the official channels, and I'm sure you'll get help here too. Best of luck - it's worth the effort!
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  4. Something is telling me that your local REME will be Bristol.

    To be honest, phoning REME up and expecting much back is a bit optimistic. Not wanting to upset you, you are one potential recruit, nothing more. TA recruiting isn't our biggest priority at the moment
  5. Try banging your postcode into this baby.

    Local Army directory - British Army Website

    Metalsmith? Not a bad choice, but as it'll be your day job as well, think outside the box because you will regret not being one of Gods chosen men once you see what they get up to.

    Recovery Mechanic
  6. Thanks guys, I would prefer brutal honesty than beating around the bush.

    @Arte Et Marte, Recovery Mechanic, or as you put it "Gods Chosen Men", is another choice of mine.

    But I guess you are right, Do i want to do what im doing day in day out, or learn a different skill from my normal day to day life.
  7. IIRC the line for Nat TA is around the N midlands area, as in anyone above the line falls into 102 and below the line is 103, trade training is at Bordon after you complete your basic trg, good luck either way.
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  8. Mines and booby traps, explosives, rope splicing, fault finding, soil mechanics, pissing off everybody and driving BFO trucks.

    Something I wrote on another (long lost dusty) thread.

    More info (ish) here:
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  9. Totally the opposite after the white paper that's just been released Sparky and realistic Reserves applications quite a high priority for all cap badges. National TA is an option but also consider your local TA unit that enables you to attend more frequently once in as they probably will have PIDS of vehicle me mechanics there. All it means is once completing your application selection and your TSC (a) and TSC (b) you will then go off to do your trade training course. This could take a long while to achieve depending on your time you can commit from civvy job/ way of comparing difference ....a National unit is like a REME battalion 2nd line and a Regional unit is like a LAD first line unit.
    Each have there own benefits but first thing I would be asking myself is which is easier to attend if wanting to commit more to
  10. There are some obvious differences; REME TA is a part-time commitment. Dependant on your day to day job you can decide to commit to either 27 days (Called Regional TA) or 19 days (Called National TA).

    When you attend training camps, weekends and evenings you receive the same pay as your Regular counter part.

    Contact for further advice or any questions then help is at hand.

    Tel: 01189 763253

  11. It might be the Army's priority. In public the REME might well say its a priority but Im pretty sure that T3, A2020 and the move to Lyneham weigh heavier on our minds than REME TA at the moment.
  12. Agree with you Sparky...and knowing you anyway you will will work out what's best for your lads ....I suppose what ever is thrown at us over the past twenty plus years we are good at dealing with 10 priorities at a time.
  13. @THE IRON

    Thanks for that, My nearest barraks would be the TA Unit 224 Transport Squardron at Picton Barracks, Carmarthen.

    I would like to put in as much time as possible, as my course is only 1 day a week and im currently seperated from my wife, so not much need to "entertain" her. (haha)

    And been 30 now, it is something I would like to get under my belt as soon as possible.

    If I would need to travel to get my training from a REME training centre, It doesnt so much as bother me, I just wanted to know the deal before hand. Best to know everything before I start.

  14. Nip in and speak with the PSAO and enquire if they have a REME PID there...if not what else they could been rightfully said its minimum 27 day commitment for Regional but reduced to 19 days for National...however people like you who can commit more time want to attend most weeks and weekends available so Regionals are will still get the same trade training anyway...maybe not hands on vehicles every week at a Regional though if its not a REME unit.
  15. Not really an option.
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