Joing regs in 5 months in the mean time

ok so basically I am 18 and joing the regs and going for phase one in march I was wondering if it was possible in the mean time I am doing labouring on sites however I was wondering if a Reserve unit would be able to train me in the mean time though it is a very short time I would be with them and I wouldn't be surprised if they said no also would it affect my application for my intake?
Your keen mentality is admirable but I would wait until march as you might pickup bad habits.....Your DS will basically take you down to a level and then slowly build you up to a level they think is satisfactory.


I'm afraid that you wouldn't have much time to do anything and given that capita have totally broken the recruiting system you probably wouldn't have time to actually get attested before you were off to phase 1.

Also doing anything that confuses capita (which this would) is best avoided as they might do something stupid like cancel your regular application.

The best thing to do while waiting is getting as fit as you can, labouring probably isn't bad in that respect.
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I can only agree don't do anything outside of what capita do/don't understand . They have entirely screwed up the recruiting system. There seems to be a back log of guys that have passed everything and just waiting in limbo with no joining dates and becoming disenchanted with the whole thing.
When I joined in 83 it took literally a couple of weeks!
Get fit, learn how to switch on an iron, & get a full length mirror to practice your shoulder holster quick draw technique. The rest will come with time.
Just do lots of running. Then you'll be ready when the time comes!

You'll never be able to join the Reserves in time. It takes longer than 5 months.
Just work on your physical fitness. Everything else core to the army (infantry anyway) such as shooting, navigation, BCD, field craft etc your DS will teach you.

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