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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by cheese, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I am interested in joining the TA as an officer. I have a few questions after doing some of my own research...

    1) Joining age. If it matters, TA R SIGS. I have seen both 17 and 17.5 yrs stated as the age. Does this depend on unit?

    2) I read one of the phases is basic military training. Do you go away to the standard TA recruit training for those 2 weeks, or do you not attend this?

    3) I have seen TA soldiers with white tapes on their rank slide in 95s. Does this mean potential officer and if so do all potential officers wear these? Just wondered...


  2. To be a decent officer at the age of 17 you would have to be quite simply an outstanding chap with awfull lot of life experience for your age.

    Bear in mind most TA officers effectively commission from the ranks as they must carry out trade and basic training before being offered the opportunity to sit AOSB etc. During these training periods and then during your time as a soldier you will be assessed as to your leadership abilities and whether you would make a good NCO. Potential officers are normally expected to score well in this category and to stand out from the lads as something potentially a little bit special.

    If you can pull all this off, be accepted by the NCO's and OR's, go on to pass AOSB all at the age of 17 or 17.5 then you are a far better man than me (and probably most tbh!).

    1) As to what the age limits are - no idea.
    2) As far as i am aware, yes you still carry out the two week course. And tbh I think this is required if you are to gain any respect from your troops and in turn understand and respect them and their job. However, this isn't the basic training, this is usually your trade training course. Basic training is done on your first few weekends.
    3) Yup, white tabs means OCdt - word from the wise, even if you do go on to be an officer cadet, see if you can get away with not wearing these tabs for as long as possible - they just make you a target for any lads or NCO's who fancing picking on a future officer...

    Hope this helps.

  3. May want to learn how to spell as well " Joing as an officer"
  4. dont wear white tabs, i never did unless i was on officer training courses and we were told to, they dont wear them at sandhurts anyway.

    do few years as a tom, trust me it will put you in good stead, best thing to do is get a stripe or two before going for a commission then when you do get to the factory keep that bit quiet.

    I dont know any officer in the TA who has commissioned under 20, thats not to say it does not happen, but it is very rare.

    good luck
  5. You have to be 17.5 to join the TA. You can become an officer at any age from then but you won't be eligable for it until you have passed your AOSB (Army Officer Selection Board) which consists of a series of assesments to test your leadership ability and fitness. You have to complete the basic TA training which is effectively mod1 of officer training in the TA, this consists of 6weekends culminating in a 2week intensive course to revise and asses everything you sould have learnt. Once you have done that you do mod2 and mod3 before going to the three week course at RMAS. The striped rank slides indicate how far through officer training you are, but as shortty says, they can make you a target for the junior ranks that you will begin your TA career with. If you are determined enough there is no reason why you couldn't complete this, however, your biggest hurdle and deciding factor will definately be your performance at AOSB.
  6. If you are this age you will be VERY luck to get through. I was 19 when I got commissioned but had already done 2 years OR's service and I was borderline for much of the course.

    I'm not sure about this this but as advised elsewhere you might want to think about getting a couple of years under your belt and perhaps get a trade which might help you if you commission. Alternatively if its an option you might want to consider going to an OTC

    Yes it does, contrary to Shortty's well meaning advice if you have the courage of your convictions you should just wear them, if you've got a couple of years behind you this will make you less of a target.

    More importantly the TA system is pretty unsympathetic if you commission young and go through the system you could also be chewed out the far end very young.
  7. Thanks very much for your useful advice; obviously a lot of experience.

    Trust me, that one typo doesn't represent my spelling (particularly as i managed to spell it right at other points in the thread)

    I can definitely see the advantages of getting a trade; i suppose it will also give me a lot of experience with the officer training

    I am ambitious and will give anything a go, but there is also what's best for me. I think a few years experience can only help.

  8. Pretty much just gonna reinforce what everyone else has said but here's my tuppence worth:

    Most units will have varying age limits but by the time you've done all your training and passed AOSB briefing and main board I'll be amazed if you're still under 17.5! Nobody on my course at Sandhurst was under 18 and they were few and far between.

    The OCdt training (Mods 1-3 pre-RMAS) are done separately through RTCs but as everyone else has said, you need to get involved in the ranks and do the training alongside them to learn the most and develop the skills you need to survive as a TA officer. If you then go back to that unit it'll help you get a bit of respect too if they know you've done the craps job they've had to do too :)

    Yes it does but avoid them at all costs!!! Just go in as a soldier and work hard to get the recommendations you need.

    The other way to do it is to join an OTC if you're planning on going to uni where there's one nearby and all the training there is aimed at the PO syllabus. It's pretty good although make sure you get on a decent Mod 3 course if you do that. It can also take longer as most take a year to do Mods 1 and 2. Or join your local TA unit and if you pass AOSB then sign up for Summer Leader next summer which takes you through Mods 1-3 in 6 weeks all at once and is good prep for Sandhurst.

    Any other questions, PM me. I only joined the TA two years ago but just commissioned this summer, so know the ropes as they are at the mo. Good luck with it all!
  9. Err why the hurry?
  10. 17 years old? I wouldn't even follow you out of curiosity!
  11. The reason I don't like white tapes is because they seem to say, "LOOK AT ME I'M SPECIAL".

    We don't use them.
  12. You'll nee to get some A levels first Mate.......
  13. He can have some of mine if he wants them....
  14. Now then FM how are things with you Mate?
  15. If he gives me 15k he can have my degree! Actually no, a 2:2 from Lboro, it's not worth 15k to anyone...

    White tabs seem to shout, don't beast me or treat me like sh1t cos one day I mght be kind-of important, but the message gets lost and Lance Jacks just hear "...i need beasting to build my character and make me good officer..."