Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by simontrent, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. joined up
  2. Take a look at this thread CLICK! and give the unit you want to join a call.
  3. I'm sorry, let me get this straight you are on incapacity benefit because you are incapable of working.........yet you want to join the TA? FFS I know we have a rep as being STABS but you will have to put a full days work in occasionally! Obviously only on a saturday and sunday and one evening a week!!!

    We do actually get deployed to theatre you know its not a dangerous sports club!

    You're not fit enough to work yet you consider yourself fit enough to join the less the Paras!!!

    I am so hoping this is a wah!!!

    its 09:25......I need a coffee! (beacuse funnily enough I've been at work since 07:00 this morning!!! not being on benefits!!!)
  4. Sort your life out get a job or sign on. The TA will just laugh at you if you try and join while on invalidity benefit.Think you will have to prove you
    have been fit for 2 yrs or so .
  5. Jesus, Charlotte, why do you have to be so discouraging? Simon mate, you pop along tonight and have a chat with the unit, explain you're on disability. Half the PSIs are on the brew, claiming disability for "depression" and working at the TA, crack on mate. Working's overrated.

    editted because it's you're, not your, you spaz
  6. If you want to be in the army and you haven't got a job, why not just join the regs?
  7. None of the PSI's I know are on the biff. If they were they wouldn't be working at all let alone with us, but I guess each unit has different standards.

    If you are still on incapacity benefits then you arn't fit to work. End of story.
    If the local unit does let you in, and if its 4 Para this is highly unlikely at preasent, and you stay claiming benefits you might be screwed if teh DSS find out.

    Get off benefits, get a job or even sign on if need be. Stay healthly and then go and talk to them. Be open about your past, they'll find out anyway, and see what they can do.

    The Army doesn't like spongers, or spineless gits that swing the lead. Be a bit proactive and it will help in tehlong run.
  8. if you can't be sarcastic on here, where can you be, eh?
  9. erm...Current Affairs...

    Location: Running away!
  10. The naffi bar, you plank.

    Slagging off hard working soldiers isn't exactly helpfull is it? Mind you if the attitude you have shown here is anything to go by your unit must be a right crap-hole.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Calm down dear