Discussion in 'RAC' started by dave_swimminton, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi fellas, I've been looking at arrse for a while but have just joined. Was QOH in Hohne from 1971-1974 before we amalgamated with the paddies and everything went to rat-shit. One thing I think of now that Germany is going is all them chits and paperwork and all that, it must still be floating around somewhere. Brings a tear to my eye! What will the grolsch do with no squaddies buying porn? By the way, not interested in the views of non-arm soldiers, raw prawns or if you're going to gob off - not interested. Does anyone remember bratties?
  2. Well welcome to arrse, with those comments, not sure how long you'll be here though. Though didnt the QOH amalagmate years after 1974
  3. Yeah, thankfully. Wasn't around to see it myself. Bad stuff all around but at least was there for the glory days. Would have liked to go with my SQN to Berlin but was a few years too late! What Regt were you?
  4. Well, i said i didnt think youd around for long, and i werent fecking wrong either!!