"joined with the expectation of an Op tour"

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FluffyBunny, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. pre-1995, done a tour

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  2. pre-1995, not done a tour

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  3. 1995-2003, done a tour

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  4. 1995-2003, not done a tour

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  5. After early 2003, done a tour (or will within 12 mths)

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  6. After early 2003, not expecting a tour at all

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  7. After early 2003, just don't know

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  1. Further to another thread

    Broken Train Set

    just on the point of "who joins not expecting to do a tour?", can we have a quick straw poll?

    The TA has been doing tours in roughly the current format (excl S type and FTRS) since about 1995, but the expectation of a tour has only really been current since TELIC2, say 2003?

    How many posters on this thread had joined prior to 2003, and how many after, and have done a tour (or will go on one within the next 12 months)?
  2. I joined the TA in July 04 with the intention of going on tour to Iraq. My housemate had just been compulsory mobilised there, so I chose her unit and her trade to give myself the best and quickest chance.

    However, the first time I heard mobilisation mentioned to us as recruits was in the speech during my pass off parade a year later! I have been available to attend nearly all training, but I haven’t yet done a tour, and I don’t expect I'll ever be allowed to go anywhere that dangerous.
  3. Joined 1975, was disappointed not to be mobilised for the Falklands (rumour was that it was highly possible - keep TAC advised of your whereabouts etc) and went on TELIC 2.

    I didn't join so much with the idea of expecting to do a tour, rather as trying to discourage the Russians from changing the alphabet. By 1989, it had become a habit.
  4. I joined in September 2002, fully expecting to do a tour. Put my name in as soon as I finished university in July 2004 and got picked up by a unit looking for individual replacements and that was me off on Telic 6. Fully expecting to end up in Afghanistan within the next year.
  5. Joined 2001. Done one tour. Fully expected to do tours (why else join?) and fully expect to do more.

    Although I've just seen the extra pay that MoD civvies get on tour, so I might be going that route instead. :D
  6. Joined 1990 hoping to do a tour (although wouldn't have described it like that back then - more 'actually being used'). Cajoled, argued, planned, whinged, schemed and lied my way to eventually doing one fourteen years later.

    If I can face all that again, I hope to nip off on at least one more.
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Joined 97, got warned off for Kosovo, tried to volunteer for Fingal but work wouldnt let me. Finally went on Telic 6, enjoyed it and would do another one. Mrs has found out now that it would be voluntary and has threatened to break my legs....
  8. I only joined the TA last month (after getting through the paper work etc) and was told "It is not if you will be mobilised but when!". I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to start and finish my training.
  9. I thought all mobilization was voluntry. id like to go on one but i was told you have to voluntier if i wanted to go on one. and i was told you only get mobilized in a full scale invasion of somewhere.
  10. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    At the moment, yes, it's supposed to voluntary (see the sticky topic at the head of the TA section). It hasn't always been so, and there's no reason why it couldn't revert back to people been told, rather than asked.

  11. I joined last year after a load of hmm-ing & hah-ing, as I wanted to join the Royal Irish Home Service & was sceptical of the TA (Mike from Spaced, Gareth from the Office; these are what most civvies with no experience of the military see of the TA unfortunately). When I went to a recruitment day and saw the pictures & news clippings of guys from the TA serving in Iraq, I had a change of heart & joined on the spot.

    We've been warned off that we are to provide a company to the Royal Irish in Afghanistan in 2008, & I doubt very much I'll be left behind :D
  12. Fcuk Me its Prince Harry! :D
  13. There's a striking resemblence... If Prince Harry had mahoosive chebs. :hump:

    Just wait until the Russians get ansy again or some such occaision, conflicts can seemingly appear out of nowhere and before we know it we'll be playing in a sandpit or something. Hmm we've done temporate (Falklands and Bos), we've done sandpit, what next? Anyone on the Axis of Evil got a Jungle?.

    I joined in 03, I think, and am expecting to have to do a tour at some point, but doubt I'd volunteer unless the majority of my stakeholders were happy. If compulsory then it's a different kettle of fish and I'd be there waving my pants in the air.
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Joined in Jan 2003 and was always in the mind to get some active service. The boring stagging on in BAOR/BFG and UK in between tours had put me off the Regs and the TA seemed the perfect answer.

    Shortly after I joined several from my unit were mobilised for Op Telic and I remember feeling a little envious and a bit disappointed that I hadn't joined earlier as it felt that I was missing out on one of life's few opportunities. Of course nobody had any idea that we'd still be fighting there years later, and so after waving my hand in the air for a good year after finishing training, I finally got my chance to go to Iraq and play soldier.

    If I had to leave the TA tomorrow I could go have fulfilled what I set out to do. I did have think about quitting when I got back from Telic, but only in as far as reasoning that I had done what I'd set out to do and maybe it was time to move on. Habit and friendships keep you coming back for more though. Not to mention itchy feet, I'm formulating filthy lies to tell the Memsahib for when I volunteer for another tour somewhere in the next year or two.
  15. I joined in expectation of an op tour, and really want one because if it goes well off I'll pop over to the regular army, if I think its rubbish then I'll just stick around in the TA and do them as and when required. I joined recently expecting to do a tour and hoping to do one too. I would like to do one soon to be honest :)