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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by huggybear, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. so joined up and going to be a chef.(my full time job is a catering assistant) but was wondering, on the 9 weekends and then the 2 week course is that just combat training still. then after that go onto trade training. thanks
  2. Just 'combat' training, yes.

    You will start off with the very basics and some PT (risk reduction i.e. 1.5mile time, # of press-ups & sit-ups within 2 minutes) which you are expected to improve on over time (i.e. the 7 weekends). You will build up your CFT mileage up to 8 miles over the duration. This is interspersed with classroom lesson on everything from values & standards to weapons handling. If you have some life it will come in useful for the 'skitz'. You're usually allowed a little booze on the Saturday night. Oh, and you'll be mixed in with other cap badges.

  3. thanks, :) didn't mean just as in it will be easy though. but what will be different to what i would do if i was going to train as a rifleman
  4. The first 7 weekends + 2 week block, no, it's the same.
  5. cool, thanks.
  6. The 8 miler is a 6 miler and skits are no more. Also, for INfantree the seven weekends ( eh?) are nine. Corps get six.
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  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    If you are going to be a chef, you have joined the RLC, not the Rifles.

    Fat, useless, greasy, dubious hygiene standards and stinking of chip fat and pies. But don't worry too much about them- they will all be stood on the other side of the hotplate to you.
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  8. When and where did you do your training ??? Either that's very, very old, you have a terrible memory or you're speaking bollox

    Everyone (both Infantry and non-Infantry) do the same 6 weekends at thier local ATU as part of their Trained Soldier Course(A) or TSC(A)

    Then there will be a split Inf types stay on for another 3 wkds before attending the 2 week TSC(B)/CIC which completes their Phase 1 and Phase 2 training in a single package

    Whereas non-Inf go on to do a 2 week TSC(B) course, which finishes their Phase 1 training before embarking on their Phase 2 training which is cap badge specific which could be anywhere for any period of time.

    If you are definitely going in on a Chef slot, then you will more likely be RLC capbadged and attend the non-inf training package then do your slops training at whatever Happy Chef has the current contract

    As for beer and skits, forget it at the ATU on the weekends, can't speak for the TSC(B), and exit criteria is 6 miles not 8
  9. Wellyhead, I'm afraid it's (I'm) old.
  10. lol and defantly joined the rifles, but they have a chefs, drivers, vehicle mechanics and a few others. :)

    cool, thanks. so the weekends will be exactly the same as if i was still going to be a rifleman. but after that it will be more focused on chef stuff. guessing won't be as exciting as doing infantry stuff. not to sounds like a idiot, but i guess the chef training will be boring. interested as it's my job at the moment, but reason for joining is for something different.
  11. You wont stay Rifles if you become a chef, there isn't the trade in the infantry, that lives in the RLC.

    Your unit probably does what our one does, badge you Rifles though basic training then transfer you once finished, its easier for the paperwork apparently.

    You shouldn't really do wkd 7-9 or CIC, but it might be their policy to qualify you as a Rifleman so you can easily cross transfer if you are bored with cooking 6 mths down the line
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Your Rifles battalion, like every other Infantry unit, has Other Arms (i.e. non-Infantry) personnel attached to it. The Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) drivers and chefs; Adjutant General Corps (AGC) clerks; Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (REME) mechanics and armourers; and Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) medics, all wear their own capbadge and are trained in their own trades despite being attached to the battalion. They are NOT Infantry trained and just because you're attached to the Rifles, it doesn't make you a Rifleman. Infantrymen from your battalion may at a later date transfer to one of these trades, but some joining specifically to be a chef will not be put through Combat Infantryman training first

    My bold. No, the training is not the same. If you're joining to be a chef you will go through the non-Infantry phase 1 training as detailed by wellyhead above (i.e. 6 weekends and a two week block), after which you'll go on to do your trade training.

  13. There used to be Regimental cook, badged up as whatever capbadge the unit is, but they were slop jockeys all the same. Used to be the fastest way to get a HGV licence too, all cooks needed to be able to drive the 4 tonner, no doubt it's changed by now.
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The 'you can transfer later' line has been known to be trotted out to young lads, but if that were the case it should have been explained to him properly. For the record, I don't believe it is easier to transfer them after training rather than badge them as their intended Corps up front although I have also heard that line used.
  15. thanks for all the replies, i might ask to change back to rifleman before it gets any further. i'd love to do it as with the skills i would gain i could go work for somewhere better than a harvester i guess.