Joined regs, got number, appendix exploded, lifes changed..

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crescent, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. OK -

    Right so I walked into the local ACIO in Feb 07 to join the regs, passed selection in May for the RMP and recieved my number, got given 21 Jan as my start date for ATR Winchester.

    Appendix burst in Oct 07 and was advised that starting CMS(R) 3 months later was a bad idea (doc was ex-Army so knew the score)

    Now, my life's changed a lot in the (almost) year since I applied to the regs, I'm back in a great job and loving it, love the people, got some great friends, and my partner of 2.5 years are now back together and making a real go of it.

    I don't really feel I'm at the same place in my life I was a year ago, and that I can no longer commit to the regs. However, I come from an Army family and I absolutely want to do the Army still.

    So, how would I go about joining the TA instead? Does it matter/affect that I passed regs selection? Do I need to do selection again? At ADSC or at local TA unit?

    The issues that are sending me Ta-ward in terms of my relationship are the moving anywhere in the UK/Germany/lots of time away from home/never getting to see TOH - are these issues that I'm still going to face in the TA?

    I confess to knowing nothing about the TA due to only looking at the regs for a career.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Initially, the TA needs a fair bit of commitment; recruit training weekends every other weekend, one night a week and a bit of fitness training in your own time. After you pass your recruit training and your special to arm course, usually a 15 day course, the TA is what you make of it. Roughly one weekend a month, a two week camp/course per year, plus regular attendance for drilling nights (one night a week, Tues/Weds).

    I managed to do a degree, work part time and be in the TA, as well as normal family and social life.

    Unless you are some sort of freak and speak Arabic or something, you probably won't be compulsorally mobilised, but you can pick and choose your tours if you want to.

    Failing that, if everything in your life goes tits up, you can apply for Full-Time Reserve service.

    Just be careful what unit you join, as transfers can take a while. There will plenty of people willing to advise you on that.
  3. Did your number start with a 2 or a 3 ? if it was a 2 then you will get a nre one

    Agreed, make you sure you are alright

    The the TA sounds like the place for you

    Not sure, TA selection is still a new thing, it depends what the sysytem will throw back up. I know that if you failed ADSC then, under one army, you wouldn't get in the TA, not sure if it will go the other way round. However they are the same tests, the best thing you can do is talk to you nearest unit(s) and see what they say

    Those issues will only effect you if you want them to. we hand some guys go to Belize recently for 6 weeks, it was thier choice to go not forced, there are no postings in the TA (well there are sort of ithe higher up the chain you are) so being sent on to Germany on a whim won't happen. The only thing to consider is mobilisation, but that goes to volunteers first
  4. Cheers guys.

    It's one of the new 300***** ones

    Get on really well with the ACIO Sergeants so I'd obviously talk to them as a courtesty anyway, but how would I go about the first step? Will the Sgt's 'book me in' one night at the local TA Center, or do I need to contact them directly?

    What about joining an RMP unit? Is that possible, or do I need to join the local one? A Field Hospital actually, so still quite interesting. Was one of my other choices when going for the regs