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A fellow fat-knacker (oops sorry Mod - used the "F" Word) who was RHA prior to STAB-hood, always intended to write a book entitled "Gymnasiums I have known - and Slept In" as he maintained that (on Road Party or at endex) we were always accommodated in a Gym, but PT was always conducted out-of-doors. Is this just a TA thang? :roll:


Could be - the blokes ended up in some sort of draughty, old barn at Elmpt Station on endex of Arrcade F*** (oops used the f-word myself)....



You got to sleep in a gym you lucky lucky barstard we used to dream of sleeping in a gym :lol: .we were happy in a barn.
in a word no


Book Reviewer
It's true! I have lost count of the number of times we have deployed to some Reg Unit, and slept Friday and Saturday in their Gym. This, after having worked in their LAD all weekend so that they come in on a Monday afternoon to find most of their repair backlog completed.

Still, mustn't grumble (it's probably an offence against PCness now).

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