Join the Russian Army

'Joining the Russian Army is not a easy task, you have to go through harsh tests and punishments'.

These usually include systematic bullying (dyedovshchina), rape and occasionally death at the hands of your fellow conscripts, some of whom might not be convicts, drug addicts or clinically insane.

'Join the Russian Army! See the Next World!'
Ah Eastern European birds....

That vid is fukken hilarious.

Can you imagine if the British Army did a version of that, a Snatch LR pulls up (well, breaks down in reality) on a grotty council estate in Scumsville. Several chav birds are hanging around a yoof in a shell suit who is showing off his lowered peugeot 106 with blacked out windows, drum n bass playing. Squaddie gets out to talk to said birds, a few words are exchanged, one bird even takes the extasy pill out of her gob. Yoof takes offense at the threat to his hareem and throws his bottle of white lightening at the squaddie. Squaddie retreats to the 'safety' of his vehicle and has to call the REME in for a tow...
Do they teach you to dance like that? Awesome. And just like the arrogant Russians I remember from a holiday in Egypt, clicking their fingers to get served.

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Another bite out of A_K - in which he includes links to stories (e.g. the Kenyan 'rapes') which veteran ARRSers know are bullshit.

But then our friend is a spetsnaz walt in any case, so he knows as much about the British Army as he does about the Russian one - which is the square root of fuck-all.

PS: A_K - if our Army is so terrible, why did you try to enlist?

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