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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grumpole, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done before, but if for no other reason than my own sanity, I have to get this of my hirsuit chest.

    I was listening to the venerable 'Mr T' on Radio 1 (I couldn't find Radio 2), and despite his comedic and rather eccentric American vernacular (not to mention several misquotes, bless) he did have a startling point.

    A disturbingly large proportion of our male population have become emasculated fanny whipped jessies. I get physically nausious/enraged every time I see some 'man' crying because he hasn't been selected for some-crappy-phone-in-stars-in-your-deluded-eyes-type-show, or osme other inconsequenial hiccup in his sad life.

    Stop stop stop!!! Is it just me or am I in a minority where I understand the coping with emotions is ok in the comfort of your own corimec, but blubbing on TV or in public gnerally should be a flogging offence, as should failure to adhere to basic chivalric measures ('I opened the not because you are a woman, but because I am a gentlemen). Who said crying is good or you anyway? WOMEN DID!!!!!!

    It is time to clear away the scales from our eyes and undermine the female conspiracy before we all start wearing mascara, colour our hair, drink halves and get good with colours.

    Having just looked at our local town centre, I fear it may be too late...
  2. It's all Gazza's fault.

  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Have you noticed the amount of 'mens grooming' products advertised on tv?
    FFs I still use a shave stick & brush,The same Gilette razor I bought in Germany yonks ago (albeit with new blades for the pedantics out there!) & the same brand of dedoderant.Arm & Hammer toothpaste,No hair gel! (no hair!)
    And what is it with men painting their fingernails!?
    Poofs the lot of them!
    I blame George Clooney!
  4. I often cry,but that could be down to pulling out my nose hairs with pliers
  5. Personally I say let them carry on, the more fagots there are the more chicks for the rest of us. If you see a man crying? Point and laugh. In his fecking face.
  6. Wimp, singe em off with a lighter. :roll:
  7. That could cause a large fire if my eyebrows ignited as well :lol:
  8. huzzah... glad someone finally said it...

    take for instance, my brother hurt his arm doing something i think he got a bruise... he cried

    i dislocated my finger, just said "hey it hurts when i poke it, and its gone a bit blue" a few hours later i got my fiancee to pull it hard and it popped back in i was like "oh hey... must have been dislocated, cool"

    man up you whiney little beeyatch

  9. You big girl, burn them off with a zippo :lol:
  10. Toothpaste? You simpering chocolate starfish sniper.
  11. i eat nails and tacks for breakfast, wash it down with battery acid, go for a 35 mile run with a hippo on my back 5 times a week, i drink creosote when i watch sports, i only watch blood sports like "boxing with razorblades" and "bear vs man" i clean my teeth with an angle grinder and i cut my hair with a hedgetrimmer and if my toenails get long then i crack out my chainsaw...

    lol almost as big a lie as the mr shortt himself... right off for a bath before work... oooh i get bubbles!! yay!
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You men are howwid, HOWWID I tell you!
  13. peed myself laughing at that one.....reminded me of me until I discovered Smirnoff :wink:
  14. You should see it here in the US... It's almost becoming a crime not to be gay... Political correctness has reached the point where sentences can't be completed on a single breath because of the replacement of simple words with long phrases in order not to offend some over sensitive individual or minority.

    At work we have "team building" where one is expected to sit with the people you hate the most in the entire workplace and do fucking crafts with them in order to try to overcome the loathing you have for the ignorant twats... :x

    And breathe...
  15. Is that you coming out the closet?