"Join the Army"

feck off this is a wah
Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought there was a link to that site on Arrse (one of the sponsor links or something).
shite it must be real, were do i sign up!
can i join up again just to get the t-shirt :?: :?: :?: :?:
Yeah, I think it’s a sponsored link; it came up as the cursor skimmed over “advertise on this site” on one of the ARRSE forum pages.

And, yes, I know:
1)I’m old-fashioned and naive
2)Press-ganging and conscription have finished
3)The Army isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle

But I thought that, if a kid wanted to join up, it would be sufficient that he/she had:

1) Tried their best at school and not grossly underachieved
2) Done a bit of sport
3) Kept in good health, generally
4) And, maybe, been a cadet.

But I was amazed at the degree of “hit the ground runningness” this package suggested prospective squaddies required.

They produce them for other careers, too.
maybe it's partly due to the change in attitude amongst modern recruits. "in the olden days" you turned up fit if you knew what was good for you, as they binned the cr*p ones - instead of today's emphasis on "training" them all. therefore they can turn up in shite state and still expect to get through. where is the motivation to prepare before arriving?

i sense there must have been a change in recruiting staff too. they used to be like the "bobby on the beat, clip round the ear" that is sadly missing nowadays. you were likely to be told "you go out and get f*cking fit before you report to depot, or else!"

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