Join the Army Medical Services! It better than the NHS!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by LtTrousersnake, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. In light of all the recent new members to ARRSE some of which may be civilians, I would like to point out how much better the AMS is than the NHS.

    In the NHS, apart from General Medical Practitioners (for now), the pay is sh*t!

    NHS hospitals are run by w*nkers who have no idea or interest in delivering health care!

    NHS hospital facilities for staff are down right degrading and the food is sh*t! The only facade of niceness in NHS hospitals are these new patient centred shopping malls with coffee shops, WHSmiths and Boots. These b*stards charge the earth to the sick and lame!

    Patients and workers cant park outside their hospitals because the Trusts (run by the w*nkers) have sold the car parks off to Vinci (more w*nkers) who don't give a flying f*ck about anything apart from profit!

    Civvy hospitals are all dirty (fact) because the bed occupancy rates (due to overcrowding) prevent effective cleaning!

    Many civvies are afraid of the physical exercise involved with military training! Doing a military fitness test is FAR less painful than getting anally rogered by the w*nkers and their centrally imposed targets!

    Simple join the Army (or RN or RAF if you must?) and have some fun. You'll work hard, yes! You'll be called a c*nt sometimes but never treated like one! You'll be arrested by monkeys but not forced to work alongside one because the NHS pays peanuts.

    The NHS is dull.

    The NHS is targets, targets, targets! The Army also has targets but you are obliged to hit these with the bullet from a rifle rather than selling your soul or sweating blood!

    JOIN THE ARMY...............Work hard and have a laugh! End of! :numberone:
  2. Your looking for a wah aren't you...........

    or have you truly gone 'North Korean', you brainwashed casualty of political cyberwar and informal briefings.
  3. Nope, simply worked in both and am sickened by the NHS!
  4. Well, thanks for that post... I'm now really looking forward to my future/post-Army career as a Health Psychologist (currently studying for now)!!!

    Surely it's not that bad, is it?
  5. The NHS? Yes! Health Psychology? No!

    Good luck!
  6. Frying pan and fire!
  7. Delete profanities and replace with Queens english and you have a true picture. I know cos I served in both.

  8. I joined AMS straight from medical school because I was fed up with the NHS!
  9. If you feel like this, do something else!
  10. Obviously a PQO.

    i reccommend that you spend more time mincing around telling people how much you earn "in the military" and generally talking like you directed the last operation against the taliban. Personally.

    when in fact you've only ever been on a 3 day hospex.
  11. nice one whitemouse!

    Really Trousersnake, talk about comparing apples and pears! The NHS is huge, the AMS tiny. You can't generalise about either, they're just too varied. I've been associated with the NHS for over 25 years and yes it has many faults but it remains an achievement of British society unrivalled by the majority of the world. Believe it or not, not every manager is a target obsessed automaton - many are frustrated and disillusioned and just doing their best in an ever changing and pressurised system. Neither is every clinician a supine automaton. I've experienced tremendous leadership, vision and professional satisfaction as well as terrible hardship and frustration. That's the cost of doing a job in a public service. My very limited experience of the military is that it is beset by exactly the same limitations of a large bureaucracy. Within the army it seems that some individuals are excellent, others appalling with the majority getting on and doing their best. I don't know quite what set off your petulant sounding rant, and I don't know whether you were just trying to set up a straw man for the sake of debate - but overall I have to say you came across as a naive w*nker that needs to work on their argument skills.
  12. Mmm..I wish I could agree with that statement, however from my experience being treated like a c*nt is the norm in an AMS unit as the hierarchy are mainly c*nts.

    You might have been lucky but the great many I am pretty sure have not had the same experience.

    Rose tinted glasses only last as long as a good posting.
  13. big generalisation! I've never served but i have worked in both the acute sector and now the community/pct sector. I'd have to agree that in the huge acute training hospitals most of what you say is true. But in the community hospital i work in,morale is high,we have a close knit team from the managers down to the domestics( sorry...hotel services) and the hospital is spotless! We have named domestics in charge of areas and they take a real pride in their sections.NHS bashing is all very well,and i've done my fair share of it,but please don't tar us all with the same brush!
  14. Tell me your avatar is not a self-portrait.

    That, together with your username...
  15. course it is!! ;-)