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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_boy_syrup, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    ALBANY, N.Y. - How's this for a recruiting slogan? Join the Army, Buy a House. Faced with the challenge of expanding the U.S. Army in wartime, the military is testing an incentive program that pays enlistees up to $40,000 toward a home or a startup business after their commitment. The Army Advantage Fund program is being tested here and four other areas — Montgomery, Ala., Cleveland, Seattle and San Antonio — for the next six to nine months

    Under the program begun Feb. 4, enlistees who commit to five years of active service are eligible for $40,000, while reservists can receive $20,000 for five years. Lesser cash incentives are being offered for three- and four-year enlistments.

    Not a bad idea plenty of servicemen over here would welcome something like that
    It would make a big difference if you at least knew that when you'd done your time you cave have something towards a house

  2. Is 40K a realistic deposit for a house in those areas TBS?
  3. US Veterans also qualify for very low interest mortgages (once only) and yes $40,000 is sufficient for a deposit. Veterans and their spouses are also entitled to continue using the PX (the PX is duty/tax free even in the USA) on leaving the service.
  4. That is £20,000 or there abouts. Wouldn't dent our costs of buying a house.

    And NAAFI/Spar isn't tax free.
  5. If you were looking at buying a £200,000 house up north it would. That would be a very nice 10% deposit knocked off it. Not counting what I could save up on the 3 tours they could send me on in a five yer period.

    I'd serve another 5 years for a £20,000 lump sum at the end!

    Although probably not in the infantry
  6. It is often quoted, by those who have motives not to give us anything, that US Army pay is lower than UK Army pay. This is kinda sorta true if you just atke the basic pay but once you start to add up all the bonuses, tax free pay on ops and so on, the reality is that the yanks are far better paid and have far lower cost of living/house prices and so on.

    It is not unusual to find relatively junior US Officers who own their houses. Most Senior NCOs do too.
  7. Maybe somebody should compile a list of the benefits that US troops get, do a comparison with the regime for UK servicemen and women...then tattoo the list on Des Browne's arrse in braille before getting Blunkett to read it to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee?
  8. Because there is more chance of that happening, than the UK government introducing such sensible, force supporting, retention positive measures!
  9. On the weekend i hope? You know, defence being a part time issue and all!
  10. Whilst on the JSWOC at Shriv last year, I talked to a US Army Colonel. When asked what were the weaknesses of the British Army, he immediately said "The way you treat your soldiers. I can't believe you recruit anybody!" He then went on to list the incentives offered to every US Serviceman - it took a while! Compared to a taxfree car in BFG, and the Op tour payout swindle on our side, the man had a point.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    It's £20,000 or there abouts more than I had in my back pocket to put towards a house when I left after 9 years
    A years hard graft to save my 10%

    It's not a bad offer in my opinion because like this country I think most of the people joining would do it anyway without incentives
    Nobody ever joined the forces to get rich did they?