Join in with spoiling your ballot paper

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. After having my I'm outraged about everything group removed I figure we may as well all spoil our ballot papers and vote for Jeremy Clarkson.

    Considering the choice of Lib Dems, Conservatives and Labour why the feck not. :)
  2. Do you reckon we'd get anywhere if the whole country voted for him?
  3. As he is not an official candidate, probably not.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Why not just spoil your ballot paper by voting Tory?
  5. Vote properly.

    Men and women have worked hard, and even died, so that you can vote. Don't insult them by throwing your vote away or anyother pish.

    If you don't like the parties that are there, start your own.
  6. Too late. - Deadline to apply to register a new party to contest election 12 April 2010

    Plus of course - members of the armed forces are disqualified from becoming a Member of the UK Parliament.
  7. Not if we have a coup and rewrite the rule book!! :D
  8. Yeah I'd vote for Jeremy, I'd vote for him to be put in cement up to the neck. Then I'd wait till it sets, squat over his head and curl out a long brown turn onto his forehead - smiling with satisfaction as it slides down his grumpy face.
  9. No, just no. Not even funny for the reasons given above.

    The country in the toilet financially and people need to vote for the party they believe will give us the best chance of recovery, before our kids end up sorting litter for a career.

    In my view if you want to make a difference you only have two choices, Labour or Conservative. I accept this is not great and there is not much that is positive about either.

    However any alternative is waste of time and unrealistic.

  10. Wouldn't the blood stains be counted as a spoilt ballot paper though?
  11. Spot on.
  12. We'd print the ballot forms on blotting paper to soak it all up!!
  13. What sort of attitude is that to have?

    The country is in the shite and both the main parties are useless but vote for them any way?
  14. Alternatively other people have served etc for my liberty, so I can do what the fcuk I want with my vote. C0ck.
  15. Yes, I can see the scene now. As the Yeomanry cantered towards them, swords high "remember men, in years to come the vote will be such a common thing, people wont give a fcuk to vote!!!"