Johnson Beharry thread!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dazzer, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Before you all start calling me a sprog and a crow and all the rest of it,
    I would like to have my say in a reasonable and intelligent manner and it would be nice if you could respond in the same way! Cheers!

    I put up the Johnson Beharry thread and a link from a nationalist site
    which I came across by mistake (I was looking for reviews on his book)

    The majority on here were as disgusted as I was to be sure but the thread was pulled down after complaints.

    Some of the posts in response to my OP were indicating that I put the thread up in support of the site link, this was and never will be the case
    but I think the patrons of this site have a right to see whats being written
    on a site which advertises links to this site about a man who has bravely fought for his country.

    Some people on this site share the views of the BNP and I hope it wasn't pulled the thread down to placate that minority.

    If it was because certain sections think we should ignore racists and not give them a platform then I think thats wrong also. Racists take silence for approval thus the term 'the silent majority' There would be nothing better than the people on this site going there and telling them that we think their view on Johnson Beharry is bollox!

    I enjoyed reading most of the replies, and I know we can keep the debate on this thread within an intelligent and reasonable manner!

  2. Bollocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. It's Johnson Beharry VC to you......
  4. By the way the book is brilliant, not quite finished it yet!

  5. I did say 'reasonable and intelligent' :D Thanks for your contribution Ronnie!
  6. Well it is L/Cpl Johnson Beharry VC if we are going to be pedantic
    but as I went out to put more coal in the fire I missed my train of thought for a second!

    Genuine mistake folks, apologies if I caused offence! :D
  7. The reviews are good, I'm going to go out and buy it this weekend!
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Why should you be allowed this? Your earlier post was offensive

    No, you knob

    You are talking absolute pish and making statements that are contradictory to each other. Review your last paragragh.

    Go learn to write then come back and try not to be a knob again. You may be allowed another try at being human but don't bet on it.
  9. No it is not contradictory Mr internet parade ground persona :D

    The thread has been pulled down, thus the people on this site will not be able to go and voice their disapproval of what they write. But if the link was up. Then some of us could go and tell them what we think like some of us did.

    Yes, every racist party talks about the 'silent majority' it is a well known political fact that right wingers think silence means approval of their policies.

    To let the offending article stay up on the offending website without any feedback from here I think is wrong because it gives the idiots on that paticular website a view that you all agree with them, yes even by silence.

    What was offensive about my first thread? I thought this was a good place to expose what that paticular site was writing about L/Cpl Johnson Beharry VC. Most people who responded did so in the right manner, with disgust and disapproval.

    Knob? You are a knob! :D :D nyar nyar ner ner!

  10. i can see how the original link to the racists blog in question may be upsetting to some, but i cant see how the thread was in anyway 'condoning' his colour orientated beliefs.
    in fact quite the opposite was being expressed by many in thier obhorrance to the bigots opinion that Beharry recieved his VC for political correctness and the fact he is black.

    the man got his medel because he has a huge heart and a strong commitment to his mates. the bloke is a hero plain and simple. well deserved.

    in my belief L/Cpl Beharry (and by proxy HM forces that employ him), have been gravely insulted by this wa*kers claim, and i state that an issue such as this, that anyone who trys to diminish or belittle his outstanding achievment (especialy used in such a way to further thier own political agenda) SHOULD be held up for all to see the true colours involved and to comment upon them, especialy on a military orientated website such as ARRSE.

    ARRSE is placed in a lot of the far right web pages links, its a pathetic ploy that trys to give the impression the BNPs views are an opinion of a lot of serving personal.
    when activity like this is discovered it damn well needs to be discussed on the forums and to be seen how much these narrow beliefs are disclaimed by the majority.

    i dont belive in ignoring the unpalitable, its a form of self-defeating censorship.

    appols my bad spelling and grammer.
  11. Agree completely. I disagree that this thread was pulled. The topic needed to be debated and communicated that this type of bollox just isn't acceptable on this forum.

    L/Cpl Beharry VC is an honourable and brave man whose name shouldn't be sullied by racist scum. The thread was an opportunity for that to be communicated in no uncertain terms.
  12. I’ve got to admit that I thought this was a good thread. I have never seen a website like that of the creature that called himself an Englishman. It certainly opened my eyes to the sort of shit that these people spout. My reading of the thread was that everyone who posted on it supported the fact that the chap earned a VC several times over, and that his race/colour/nationality had nothing to do with it. That this ****** had the temerity to suggest that the award was anything other than wholly deserved says more about the ****** than anything else.

    I do not like fascists, racists or nationalists or any other sad small minded people who think they are better than anyone they like to exclude from their own little clique, but I honestly believe they should be allowed to state their views, if only to show the rest of us the paucity of their so called ideals.

    I have spoken to people who were there when L/Cpl Beharry won his VC and they have no quarrel with it. If people like this so called Englishman want to spout the vile crap they do then we should let them and answer with the truth. We may not be able to change their tiny little minds but we can establish the truth to right minded people everywhere.
  13. It would be far more appropriate not to sully the names of our bravest with links to these sites. Its racist boll0cks and should be treated generically, NOT personalised.
  14. I did not see the original thread.

    However, these people breathe the air of publicity.

    We should neither legitimise them by giving them the opportunity to associate with us, nor should we give them the air they need to survive round here.

    If you want to discuss it, go to their site and discuss it there.

    Give them space and they will be burning Waterstones and WH Smiths next
  15. Not whilst people like me are around they won'.t