Johnson Beharry Gets Married

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. Johnson Beharry: Victoria Cross-winning Army hero marries sweetheart at registry office ceremony | Mail Online

    Well if ****** footballers can get paid for pics of their wedding then why not army hero's?

    Good luck to the young man and his new wife.... Lets hope he screwed down the deal for all he could get......
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  2. For his acts of valour, he deserves a nice nest egg for his future. Congrats!
  3. She's tidy :nod:
  4. What's with going up a rank to get married?

  5. So he is a Hero and gets to behave like a football ****? Good luck to him and his money making, what next, the honeymoon in 3 d?, somehow I do not think that he is doing the service much good. But hey ho write the cheque.
  6. I don't get it, either.

    The rules are that you couldn't get married as a private soldier in days of old. To that end, you could wear the next rank for a day.

    It's not an open invite for all to wear the next rank on their wedding day.

    So, no WAH!

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  7. He's done the dancing shit. The other options open are Big Brother or monging it in the Oz 'jungle'

    Bit of a no-brainer really
  8. Wish him well he fought with the Colours.
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  9. Fair one, however with the number of MOD minders/PR people/carers or whatever you want to call his entourage involved, you can be sure that someone gave him permission to do so.

    Is it also may be a sign that he'll be picking-up before he gets out- or perhaps someone just thinks that as a VC winner he could wear nipple tassels and a General's rankslide on his cock if he so wanted? :)
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  10. Exactly bloke won the VC he can do what the **** he likes.
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  11. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Getting married is hardly contentious not matter how you look at it. He may have sold his photo rights but his marriage was not tasteless, in fact it was done rather well.

    Best wishes to him and his wife.
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  12. You mean the option of getting married in uniform is open to those outside the ACF? Every day's a school day.
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  13. I wish them both every happiness.
  14. Sergeant Beharry? Errr, did I miss something? Couple of other things - lanyard upside down and I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be worn in Blues. And, as an Infantry Sergeant, shouldn't he be sporting a red sash? At least the fellow isn't wearing Drummers cords and a sword.

    Other than that, I wish them both well for the future (whilst they are together).
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