Johnny Mercer's salary funded by failed bond scheme marketing agent


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Oh if only there hadn't been a thread already.
Circling for months?
If it wasn't widespread, no need to issue a rebuttal.
Now it is, a rebuttal is required.
He's a thoroughly decent bloke and would likely make a very good PM.


The bond marketing agent cant be a complete failure if he is paying someone else's salary!


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Wasn't someone trying to tap out Mercer's ex-Army mates in search of scandal not so long ago?

Clearly he's on someone's to do list.
Another MP with head in the trough.
If he had been caught drinking on a train he could just say sorry!
But taking a fat cat salary makes him a bad man but typical Tory MP.


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Wasn't someone trying to tap out Mercer's ex-Army mates in search of scandal not so long ago?

Clearly he's on someone's to do list.
Conservative Whips Office apparently
As has been written on the other thread in the HoC forum, I suspect his vocal support for veterans has rubbed up some ****** at the BBC the wrong way. His income outside of his MP salary is known to all via the register of interests.
Oh so not taking a 2nd salary & instead using all his time for the people who voted for him?
whats the issue with the second salary thing? do you think it's an issue that he wrote a book whilst serving as an MP? it probably took him more than 4 hours a week.

if the people who voted for him have a problem with it they can hoof him out.
If only someone had posted a link to his rebuttal...
Looked @BBC
A company that marketed a failed bond scheme that lost savers £236m has been funding an MP's private salary.
Johnny Mercer receives £85,000 from Crucial Academy, a company ultimately funded by Surge Financial Limited.

Surge Financial Limited took 25% commission for marketing bonds by London Capital and Finance (LCF), which is now in administration.

Mr Mercer - who is facing calls from investors to quit as an MP - said he had done nothing wrong.
The Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View is a non-executive director of Crucial Academy, which trains military veterans and aims to find them employment.

Mr Mercer, himself a former Army officer, is contracted to work 20 hours per month, a rate of more than £350 per hour. The basic annual salary for an MP is £79,468, and they also receive expenses to cover the costs of running an office. According to Mr Mercer's register of members' interests, his only other regular income is the £85,000 per year from Crucial Academy.

Mr Mercer said: "I totally reject the assertion that I have done anything wrong in working as a non-executive director of Crucial Academy. "I have sought rigorous assurances that at no stage was capital used from any business with LCF, in Crucial Academy.

"I received those assurances. It now appears there is a historical link between the two, that has been uncovered in the accounts when Surge Group loaned the Crucial Group £325,095."

He said having joined the academy "only last autumn" he clearly "had no role" in setting up the link.

"When this historic link was discovered, the leadership of Crucial Academy immediately implemented a management buy-out and the loan was repaid, in order to ensure the continuing integrity of Crucial Academy," Mr Mercer explained.

Crucial Academy was "a good organisation, doing good things, run by good people, with no financial link to London Capital and Finance", he said.

"I stand corrected but London Capital and Finance have shafted others over who have allegedly advised or been non executive directors, so the brown stuff still rolling down hill!!"

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