Johnny Jones again

One day a new teacher arrives - it's a Friday afternoon and she has just popped in to introduce herself to class 2F.

"Children" she says, "I will be your new teacher from Monday, and whoever is first to remember my name on Monday morning, can have the rest of the day off"

Most the kids aren't too interested - Mondays are art all morning and games all afternoon. But Johnny is beside himself - he must be first to come out with the teacher's name - his Mum works Monday and he can have the house to himself to watch his Dad's porn videos

"My name is Mrs Franny" says the teacher.

"Oh boy" thinks Johnny "What a piece of p1ss - 'FANNY - with an 'R' ...."

All the way home he is saying to himself "Fanny with an R - Fanny with an R, Fanny with an R - gotta remember so I can watch some porn"

All weekend he stays in, muttering to himself "Fanny with an R, Fanny with an R ...."

Walking to school Monday morning he's calling out the time with "Fanny-with-an-R, Fanny-with-an-R"

Sitting in class now, waiting for the teacher to come in - eyes tight shut, concentrating "FannywithanRFannywithanRFannywithanRFannywithanRFannywithanRFannywithanR ...."

In walks Mrs Franny .... "Well good morning children - now then, can anyone remember my na...."

Johnny springs up with his hand raised - all the rest of the kids just looking mystified.

"Well, it seems you are the only one that remembers, what's your name"

"Johnny Jones, Miss"

"So, Johnny Jones - what is my name"

"Mrs CRUNT, miss!"

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