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John Wier/Lady Gaga - Same Person?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Couple of TV commentators got raked over the PC coals for suggesting the John Wier was so high up the Olympic skating ladder cause he was -erm - lighter on his feet than most... Caught a bit of his show - sorry, competition, on the news.. won't quibble about his skills at doing some of the twirls and jumps, but, OMG!! [ to use current vernacular ] those outfits..

    Then it hit me.. I've never seen him and Lady GaGa together...and the moves seem eerily similar...

    thank the gods it was only a news clip and not the whole routine before my eyes.. I had to switch over to Hockey to increase my testosterone levels again...

    speedskating is a bit difficult to watch, what with the guys all shrinkwrapped and in spooning positions as they whip round the ice..

    still, the womens' luge/skeleton competitions are something.. fit babes with their bums up or legs akimbo, lying down and speeding toward you all tied up in colourful skin tight wrappings..

    excuse me..
  2. Is this him? His name is John Wier.

  3. Fecking gaga,
    the bastard lot of them.

    Team Members:
    Peter YOUNG
    Terri DUPE
    Tom LALOR
    Mr. John Weir
    Ideas* P/L are collaborating with WWF to organise and present a concert in Federation Square to coincide with Earth Hour in March 2009. This is an annual concert, which in 2009 is to be powered by a custom-built trailer incorporating solar panels and bicycle generator stations, constructed specifically for the event.