John Wick interview in The Telegraph

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, May 23, 2009.

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  1. He says that he sold the data to The Telegraph as 'the public needs to know'.Unfortunately I know the man,and he has run several companies into the ground.financially.Other here will know him.

    In reality he did this for the money(payment of tailors bills etc)

    He spent a very short time in 22 SAS,as he injured his back,in a parachute descent.He's formerly ex RAOC and Para Reg.

    He is certainly well connected to The Tories via Sir Donald Gosling etc.However his need for money seems to have left him with fewer Tories who might invite him to The Carlton Club!
  2. So how would/should Wick be judged by us against, say, an NHS nurse or MoD civil servant blowing the whistle on their first-hand knowledge of how the gov't/MPs were defrauding, or misusing tax-payer money to fund any of its policies?

    This man may have a questionable ability to balance his own cheque book (e.g. your comment on his tailor's bills), but does that make his knowledge (and the sharing of same) any the less valuable to the voting public?

    He knew he was painting a target on himself the moment he signed-up for this 'tell-all' detail - I just hope it serves him well in the long run and doesn't ruin him completely.
  3. So what, he's done the UK a great service I don't care if he was paid or not, for less than the amount than an MP can steal in a year he has totally destroyed the 'safe seat' concept that Labour and the Tories expected as a birth right. And he has unleashed a level of public anger that may well rebuild British Democracy as somthing to be proud of. Well worth the cash.

    So what you are suggesting is that he is no better than a Walt because he had to leave 22 due to injury?

    No 10 has a vacancy now that Mc Bride has gone, they may be able to do something with your style....
  4. I congratulate the man or woman who unveiled the depth of the cheating and theft of public money by so many disreputable and dishonest MPs.

    I wish that someone would similarly expose the corruption in the European Soviet Union 'finances'. Such a move would make our bunch of scroungers look almost honest.
  5. How is this relevant?

    Once again, how is this relevant? Bills do not pay themselves, unfortunately, and a good deed is a good deed regardless of ones inability to run a company.
  6. IMHO John Wiock is no better(or worse) than the MPs he wishes to expose.Both groups do it 'for the money'.Nothing else.

  7. Bollox. Regardless of his motives he has one vital difference. He has not subverted the law of this land to allow him to systematically steal from the public.
    Whatever Mr Wick was in it for the money or not is of no relevance. He was provided information to pass on to the media and from there to the public. He has done that effectively and pretty much in a non party political manner.
    What he has done is very very different to the systematic pillaging that the MP's have been getting away with for years.

    Regardless of what you think of his personal mottives, what he did was in the public interest, what the MP's have done is purely in their own interest.
    If he made himself a few quid to pay his tailor into the bargain then so what? He stood to loose an awful lot more than he has gained.