John Venables back in jail

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stabradop, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. His story checks out then!;)
  2. The British people and indeed the world knows that the British Justice system is soft on crime, including murder. After all half of the Sinn Fein representatives are of that ilk yet because of our lat govenment they are acceptable in society. OK Venables killed a child, so did adams Mcginnis, kelly a whole raft of them. Murder is murder, there is no didtinction between them. We could have a society like Nazi Germany, all the insane including the criminally insane were sent to "hospital" where they "died". Thankfully we do not. It is our society that favours this approach even though it means letting criminals off the hook.
  3. Venables never served in a proper prison, he served in a juvenile detention centre from 1993-01 and had one on one treatment and on suite own bedroom.Had he not been released, he would have continued his 15 year sentence at a young offenders prison-like in 'Scum' where I dare say he would have had a harder time from the other cons. At the age of 18, he was released complete with new ID on a life licence with scrict conditions. It appears that he has broke all of them- he has entered the city of Liverpool, been arrested in the past for fighting and now he has been convicted of child porn.
    Its going to be hard keeping him in an adult prison with protection, and if when he is released with a new ID, it will be harder to cover up because he's no longer a ten year old boy who nobody would know what he looks like as an adult.
  4. Nice to know that after all that effort and money, Mr Venables is rehabilitated, and no longer a danger to society!
    Now he has been charged with child porn offences,including footage of a child being raped, is it not time this waste of space was terminated from our society?..That offence alone should justify being sent to the moon on a one way journey!...and no Im not saying he deserves this as the ten year old boy he was in 1993, but the 27 year old man is is now in 2010. There can be no defence now surely..
    I wonder, those that were happy to release him, would they have liked to have employed him as their babysitter?? And if not, why not?, as he was such a nice chap inside and no longer a danger.
  5. And very easy to identify too.
  6. Indeed, lots of phones make their way into HMP these days.
  7. I wonder if I am alone in thinking that the names of those guilty of releasing such a man back into society should be made public. To my mind those people are a bigger danger to the general population than the likes of Venables.
  8. Just a question that may have been mentioned before, both Venables and Thompson have new identities, new NI numbers, passports, birth certificates, the whole lot. So if a CRB check was done on this pair, with their new NI numbers and names, and no crimes were commited under these identities, then would it not come back clear?
    I dont understand the life licence, it their whole identities can be changed, then how can their 'Bulger killing' be linked to anything?
    How would the autorties stop either of these from becoming nursery school teachers or under 10s football managers? A murder conviction in the UK is never 'spent'.
  9. On the CRB form there's the box where past convictions are released and you're right in that nothing would be in there. However there is another box that allows the police to make comment and it's possible that something, though I've no idea how you could possibly word it, could be put in there.

    In reality I'm sure every job he applies for, if he ever gets out again, has to be run past his MAPPA group and probation, meaning that he wouldn't be able to apply for anything that was considered risky. Happens for some released sex offenders currently.
  10. I believe there's a separate list for people who are a threat to children but who have not necessarily been convicted of anything. I think it's known as List 99. Presumably, both of our friends are on this list and this would be shown on a CRB check certificate.
  11. I've just had a look at my CRB Enhanced Disclosure and it has the following boxes:

    Police Records of Convictions, Cautions, Reprimands and Warnings

    Information from the list held under Section 12 of the Education Act 2002

    ISA Children's Barred List Information

    ISA Vulnerable Adults' Barred List Information

    Other relevant information disclosed at the Chief Police Officer(s) discretion

    I should imagine that if a name associated with either of their identities came up there would be a move to lift whichever one it was as they are banned from trying to gain such employment. I doubt any employer would even know about it, just wonder why the applicant never got back to them. Further to that I can't see either of them being that thick as to sign and agree to a CRB check!

    Edited to add: It gives my place of birth as London London - so good they named it twice.
  12. They will indeed be but not sure whether it would come up after the identity change. One would hope so but depends if the new details were noticed/picked up when coming through.
  13. And he's back out.

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  14. Isn't this his fourth identity change?

    I wonder how long it will be before they throw his arrse back in the chokey for ****ing to pictures of toddlers again..