John Venables back in jail

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stabradop, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. This case was on the day's news along with the tale of another scrote who'd killed a woman while stealing her car. He had 29 previous convictions. Twenty-*******-nine, yet was still on the streets.

    We're in a time of national poverty, cuts threatened in all departments etc.

    Am I the only one thinking that these two cases, and many like them, could be closed at the cost to society of a single 9mm round each?

    Or go the Chinese route, execute them then harvest useful organs?

    IMO, this course of action is almost inevitable: about 20p and a cremation, or pay for prisons, staff, feeding & clothing and attempting to re-educate these people? Economically, we simply cannot afford to maintain scum.
  2. He wasn't on remand prior to his trial for these offences, he was recalled on his pre-existing life sentence. He already has a life (or more correctly indeterminnate as he was detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure originally) sentence, the fact he's been given two years is really irrelevant. He won't only be inside for two years.
  3. No he won't, I was talking to a very senior NOMS manager today about this. There is no parole on sentences under four years so even if he was only convicted of this offence he'd do every day of the two years. He is out on licence, that's why he went back to prison when the offence came to light, he wasn't remanded, he was recalled. The two are not the same and he won't now be released until he can show he isn't a danger anymore in the same way as any other prisoner who's recalled on an indeterminate sentence..
  4. Care to wager a bet on this? Go on, I dare you.
  5. Modern mores on child abuse are quite interesting. Forget the chimneysweeps, forget the pits, etc, look, any historians around, at things like the trial of Gilles de Raey ( ok, he was French and as we all know, they're up for anything that moves, or doesn't, come to think of it). No need to go across the Channel. I remember a case in London a few years ago when some pissed up ' grandfather' threw his baby granddaughter out of the flat window, and killed her, because her crying bothered his hungover condition. National outrage? Not. No press campaign. As I said before in a different way.. some people are Kents. Unchangeable. Funny how public opinion is changeable on an almost daily basis. I'm sure a Max Clifford could turn turd Venebales into a shiny thing, if he was given the go word.
  6. What about Ralph? Isn't he a victim too?
  7. It would be unique amongst short sentences if it were to be so. If you are convicted of a sentence of four years or less you are not eligible for parole, you do the full term. In addition he's not in prison because of this offence he's in due to recall.
  8. I'm not talking about rules, they don't seem ever to be applied. I'm talking about reality. Nobody ever thought we'd hear about him wandering around with a new identity able to commit such crimes again.

    Just call me an old cynic. Or just old :)
  9. Couldn't care less personally. I'm sick of hearing about the nonce.
  10. I wasn't at all surprised when he was released after the 8 yr minimum term.
  11. Whooooa now.

    If you will look above you will see I disclaimed any desire regarding terminating Mr McAskill "with extreme prejudice." I think some of you may have somehow gotten the wrong impression of me--I am now in my dotage a mere cuddly teddy bear--think a USMC Slingsby:


    . My armo(u)ry is for target shooting only (unless someone decides to enter my home in the evening without an invitation). If anything untoward happens to the Hon. Member, it has nothing to do with me.
  12. I think what I'm referring to is properly called automatic release. Boy George was sentenced to fifteen months for chaining up his rent boy. He served 12 weeks in jail and his tag was removed after another 4 months.

    I believe the same thing will happen to Jon Venables. He'll cost a fortune to keep in prison. Maximum security. Private cell with en suite facilities. Psychiatrists, psychologists and probation officers beating a path to his door. He'll be out on a tag as soon as the prison service can get him out the door.
  13. I don't see it the same AM. The establishment will be extremely pissed off with Venables and how he has ridden rough shod over the largesse shown to him. I think they'll want to be totally satisfied that he wont be released just to go back to his old ways. They have the vehicle to do so because of his licence being revoked. I really don't think there should be any rush to release him this time and I hope there wont be. If he can't control his urges, or indeed his arrogance, then he should remain away from society.
  14. It's Jon you illiterate toad!