John Venables back in jail

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stabradop, Jul 23, 2010.

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  2. So not only is he a child killer and now peadophile, he is also an admitted drug addict. So much for rehabilitation, he has already been given a second chance and should not be let out to prey on societies weakest again - but he will be.
  3. What, three posts in and nobody's called for his crucifixion, burning alive in a wicker phallus, handing over to a lynch mob of Scouse grief-whores, or public castration yet?

    Standards are slipping.

  4. How about being dragged by his ankles tied to the back of a pimped up Corsa round the streets of liverpool?
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    It would be too underpowered, and most of the lynch mob wouldn't be able to get to him.
  6. Why waste the petrol?

    Just cut his 'nads off without anaesthetic - that should stop him reoffending when he is eventually let out...they can get him afterwards.

  7. I'm john venables!!!!
  8. I think an austere gurney and needle without such fanfare is perfectly sufficient.
  9. Austere gurney and needle - isn't that what you have in mind for Kenny McAskill JJH?

    Mr Venables solicitor said this case would endangerhis client's anonymity and safety. no, Mr Venables being a paedo has endangered his etc. He is not a victim. The victims are Jamie Bulger and Denise Bulger.
  10. No-politicians are expected to act in the manner of the Hon. Mr. McAskill. The ultimate punishment should be reserved for those who, like Venables, deserve it.
  11. Erm for that you read the Daily Mail comments
  12. I threw up when I first heard about Jamie Bulger so I was made up when those two murdering twats went down. Then I baulked when they were released. Now I am near spewing my ring after that peado skunk got half a dozen for his latest spree. So as far as I,m concerned it,s Knife, Nads, Slice, OUCH, job done, goodbye Mr Venables.
  13. No! I'm Spartacus, err I mean Jon Venables.

    Let's see. He got two years for the kiddie porn. I understand that means he'll be up for release into "community punishment" in less than a year. Less time he's already spent on remand and emergency early release due to prison overcrowding. I reckon he'll be out in about 9 months. Anybody care to suggest a different figure?
  14. When the do-gooders back in the sixties got rid of capital punishment their answer was life means life.So why the bloody change?