John Terry stripped of England captaincy, again!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by fingers_1661, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. If I were in his shoes i'd tell the FA to poke it & enjoy a holiday instead of fannying about @ the European championships. At least that way his postcards should reach home before he does!

    BBC Sport - John Terry: FA strips England captaincy from Chelsea defender

    Edit: Having studied available footage online I cannot be sure whether he said "F****** Blind C***", "F****** Bell End" or something about a non-pink gymnasium.
  2. What is so different about this case compared to the Liverpool/Man.United incident? That was dealt with in house.
  3. There was no public complaint to the police after the Scouse purchased git abused the Manc purchased one. Hence it was dealt with in house by the FA alone.
  4. I don't know why he wastes his time with football, he could make far more theiving in the family business.
  5. I hope he is committed to his country more than his bank balance. Police have got to do a proper investigation and be seen to do a thorough job because of who he is.

    Innocent til proven guilty but the FA have to play the game.

    Play well and lead the team by example.
  6. By play the game do you mean punish him just because of an accusation?

  7. How can there be a proper investigation when it is one mans word against another mans word with no one close enough to witness what was said?

    If he is found innocent, it will be labeled a whitewash.
    If he is found guilty, it will prove that when it comes to racism you are guilty until proved innocent.
    If it is announced that there is not enough evidence to proceed with the case, all the black comunity leaders will be banging on about how they have been let down, there is no justice, Stephen Laurence, blah blah blah.

    My money is on him getting banned for 3 months as an example to other honkies not to dis the brothers.
  8. From what I can remember it was clearly shown on TV and a blind man could lipread what he was saying.
  9. Probably, if he wants it. Ferdinand's already said no because he got it last time and then had it taken off him to give back to Terry.
  10. Personally I think he is a **** regardless of the allegations.
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  11. Wendy ball player, so who really gives a ****. After all it isn't really a sport anymore rather a excuse for acting talent to be displayed.
  12. He should be thrown out of football and join the Family Business, shop lifting is a
    lucrative job.
  13. Maximum the court can give him is £2500 fine i believe. They cant ban him from football

    FA will then take no action as the courts have dealt with it.

    that is if found guilty of course
  14. There, fixed that for you.