John Terry not guilty - my ar*e!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Zorro, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Well surprise surprise, Mr Obnoxious money bags has got away with it. May have been found not guilty by some old duffer of a magistrate Mr Terry, but your still guilty in my book (of being a cnut if nothing else!)

    Who says money cant buy you happiness !
  2. Who cares ? He`s just another footballing tosser.
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  3. There wasn't one reliable witness on either side

    No option other than to find him "Not Guilty". I suspect in Scotland it woudl have been "Not Proven"

    Still. it must be nice to be the only memeber of the Terry family to have won in Court.
  4. It doesn't matter what the law says, or what evidence could be shown in court, or even if he said "black" or not. It is what the papers say that counts and that is what will influence the brain dead morons that jump onto the outrage bus evry time the word "Racist" appears in the newspaper.
  5. GOOD!

    This was nothing but a political show trial.
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  6. personally i dont think this should ever have gone to court but he did admit to calling a black guy a "black cunt" (and was filmed doing so) and his argument that he was repeating back what ferdinand said was thin to say the least so how has he not guilty of racist abuse?

    has the judge stated his reasoning yet?
  7. Reference your last sentence; what a tube that makes you sound. A ridiculous show trial. A 'victim' who only came forward after consulting with his girlfriend. Drain. Money. Down.
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  8. I must say that I was very surprised that, given the evidenece as reported, he got off that one. I hope the CPS appeal, but I bet they don't.
  9. The whole trial annoys me. The prosecution's case was this:

    Ferdinand directed an abusive comment at Terry. Terry responded with an offensive comment. Terry should be prosecuted because the abuse he used was racist.

    I just can't grasp why racist abuse is any worse than any other kind of abuse.
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  10. By the by, the "old duffer" Howard Riddle was the first Judge to knock Assange back. Don't let the Magistrate handle fool you, he's on the ball. Chuffed with the idiom. I'd wonder why, exactly, it was considered necessary to appoint a lawyer of such seniority to sit this case though.
  11. So glad at the verdict, if only to keep that idiot Clark Carlisle off Sky & BBC News!
  12. So he's Mr obnoxious cos he's got a couple of quid. You's a hater blud.

    I'm glad he got off only because Ferdinand is a wet twat that starts a slagging session off and cries foul when he gets some back that he doesn't like.
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  13. Another plus is that John Terry can put his 'winning' legal team on a retainer for the next time that his mum decides to shoplift, or his pa heads to the local pub to offload some ching.
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  14. It reminds me of the hate crime episode on South Park.
  15. Not Guilty at Court. We mustn't forget the powers of the great British Long Memory Club, nor the FA come to that.