John Smeaton-This bloke just keeps getting better.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by B_AND_T, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. B_AND_T

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    News / Defence News / Ministry of Defence (MOD) / Airport hero donates £2,000 to veterans charity

    Airport hero donates £2,000 to veterans charity

    An airport baggage handler who restrained a terror suspect at Glasgow Airport has donated more than two thousand pounds to the veterans' charity Erskine. Report by Sal Davidson.

    L-R: John Stonham and John Smeaton [Picture: Erskine]
    John Smeaton shot to fame after he helped police tackle a man who was in the blazing jeep which was driven into Glasgow Airport terminal building on 30 June 2006. His bravery turned him into a national hero resulting in a website being set up where members of the public could pledge to buy John a pint of beer in recognition of his actions.

    1,400 pints later and £4,200 richer, John decided to give the money away, with half going to Erskine, a charity which cares for injured ex-Service men and women returning from operations, as well as those who served their country in past conflicts.

    John explained his decision to donate the money:

    "These people deserve the money more than me and are bigger heroes than I am. They fought for their country and many of them did heroic deeds under fire, something which I don't think I could have done. It makes me happy and I feel better in myself to give the money to a place like Erskine."

    John's donation coincides with the start of a six month project which will see Erskine working in partnership with the Ministry of Defence to draw awareness of Erskine's ability to care for veterans injured in modern day conflicts.

    Erskine's youngest veteran, John Stonham, aged 22, injured in Iraq said:

    "John is a really nice guy and spent hours chatting to all of the veterans. What he did at the airport was extremely brave and then to give his money away is amazing."

    John Smeaton, who was personally thanked for his courage by Prime Minister Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street recently, won praise from Erskine's Chief Executive, Colonel Martin Gibson who said:

    "John Smeaton's courage reflects that of our veterans and the young men and women who are currently putting their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are delighted that John has decided to donate this significant sum to Erskine, which will be used to enhance the care for veterans who have served their country from WWII right up to the present day."

    John Smeaton has decided that the remaining money collected from the online collection will be used to fund a night out for the people present at the Glasgow Airport incident.

    This bloke is turning into a bit of a hero in my eyes.
  2. Good man, good for him.
  3. I say, what a thoroughly decent chap. I think I'll buy him a pint.....
  4. This gives me a bit of faith that this country isn't done for just yet.

    A big thanks to John Smeaton, I just hope his money isn't needed by to many poeple.
  5. Top bloke!!

    I was at the Rangers V Chelsea friendly the other day, and he came out on the pitch before the match and the ovation he got was amazing.
  6. Whats he drinking?
  7. Arise, Sir John
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. engr172

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    Sir, I salute you
  10. oldbaldy

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    1. Battlefield Tours

  11. ugly

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    Non stop by the tone of this thread!
  12. Top man!!

  13. Didn't the crowd start singing 'Rule Britannia'? 8)
  14. Spare knighthood going;

    David Beckham (or some other game player) or John Smeaton?

    May need a big mug of tea to work this one out...