John Scarlett - A man to inspire public trust?

Is John Scarlett a man to inspire public trust?

  • Man of impeachable integrity, George Smiley personified!

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  • He has his rough edges, just like James Bond.

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  • Blairite toady worthy of the Cheka or NKVD!

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Certainly an un-impeachable civil servant of the highest integrity. His presentation of objective, concise intelligence reamins a benchmark to us all :

and Andrew Gilligan got everything he deserved......

can you untie my hands now please, Mr Vaz?
Never trust anyone who considers Alistair Campbell as a "mate", or come to that matter, anyone who considers the Glorious Leader as a good PM :roll:
I would'nt trust him, as far as I could kick him or the motley crew at Number 10 :roll:
I'd trust John Scarlett as much as I'd trust an ink blot to stop a rabid water vole from going on the rampage
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