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John Reids "gangster" in-laws

Apologies for the breach of etiquette regarding a link earlier, and thanks to my fellow ARRSEr for the PM with the reproduced article from Factiva. Unfortunately I'd better not reproduce the Factiva article as it is paid subscription but here is part of the Mail on Sunday article with corroboration!

Mail on Sunday, 23 October 2005

The convicted criminal whose daughter wed Defence Secretary John Reid's son has admitted being questioned by police over a double gangland murder.

Ronnie Campbell yesterday said he had known drug dealers William Lindsay and John Nisbet, whose bodies were found in a burnt-out car on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

The admission by the 47 year old, who has a conviction for threatening a woman in his home town of Bellshill, is another embarrasment for Dr Reid.

The Defence Secretary has tried to distance himself drom Mr Campbell since his son Mark, 28, married Mr Campbell's daughter Mellissa, 25, at Westmister Cathedral last month.

At the time of the wedding, which was followed by a reception at the Houses of Parliament, Mr Campbell was wanted by police. A warrant was issued for his arrest following an incident in Dr Reid's former Hamilton North & Bellshill constituency.

Just two months previously, Mr Campbell had survived an attempt on his life when he was attacked and stabbed by two men after a violent confrontation in his home.

Following the incident, gunshots from a silenced pistol were fired at police.
Article continues, but fingers sore from typing!
isn't it good to know that, for once, you've got a boss who understands the notion of family ties in an inherently violent profession. 8)

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