Can anyone tell me what the black cordura thing with a clip on it is for ? It came in the "absolutely Christmas-tastic" box of goodies that was sent out as part of the chhaaarriitteeee drive to "deliver festive cheer to our servicemen and Women deployed overseas at Christmas". Stag on, grunts live forever.
I believe that it's for placing your can of coke in. It keeps it cool.

I thought the contents of the box were smashing, and much better than last year. It actually had practical items in like a torch, lip balm and a hand warmer that can be reused. Well done the MOD. We offloaded our extras to our "brothers" within the Multi-National community and they were dumbstruck.

Good show.


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I was dead chuffed with mine, as were most of us here (Basra). Was genuinely surprised and touched by MOD's/BAE's largesse. Dr. Reid's card was pretty witty too.


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Well, more mildly amusing than witty now that I've just dug it out for a second look:

With the added duty of delivering 19,000 Christmas parcels in some rather unfriendly areas of the worldFather Christmas and his helpers have taken precautions.
Along with cartoon of Father C & Elves on a sled with "Radar Absorbant Carbon Fibre", "Decoy Flares", "IFF Transponder" etc.
The black codura thing is a water bottle carrier (it should stretch) but is designed so that when it gets hot you can pour water on it which then evaporates keeping the bottle cool (easier than wrapping the sweat rag round a bottle).

I had posted requests for feedback/ideas on a link in the charities and welfare forumbut am more than happy to take them here.

One final point - although my bit of the ship helped facilitate production/delivery, the real credit goes to a chap called Stephen Briggs of Fareside Marketing who started this off in 2004 and then to the charity UK4U ( who have taken it on.

The draw for the prizes takes place 23 Jan after which we will be heads down sorting out this year's box. The charity takes all comments on board and where it is practical they try to implement them.

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