John Reid

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by glyndwr, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. Is it just me who screams abuse at the TV and gets an incredible urge to put my fcuking boot through the screen every time John Reid appears on the box :evil: .
  2. Sorry posted in wrong forum. :oops:
  3. Christ knows, its just the shout we as Petroleum Operators give when lifting heavy kit or rolling Bulk fuel tanks.
  4. Tale we where told was that when an aircraft crashed on a RAF airfield and they needed to move the wreckage in double quick time a form 26 had to be filled in and then 'Everone' could be legally ordered to drop everything and help clear the wreckage.
    Myths and Ledgends I suppose.
  5. Old RUM/BUM/BACCY Navy expression. Numbers 2 and 6 on the guns were the blurks who pulled the weapon back into the firing position, hence "two, six, heave!".
    Good to shout when John Reid is heaved off Big Ben perhaps. Git.
  6. When trg as a STAB Pet Op some 10 years ago, I was told it [2,6,up] was copied from the RM.

    As for JR better than the last SoS but still TV booting material.
  7. dont the Navy say '2 - 6' before they lift (shirts!!) things.

    and yes, John Reid makes my blood boil!!
  8. No!
  9. I understand from a good source in Whitehall that he has his eye on Number 10! I can only think he would run as Gordon Brown's "fall guy".
  10. John Who ????

    Hasn't done much yet has he?

    And a bit uppity for a Socialist, apparently one has to mind the Ps & Qs around Comrade John. Bit of forelock tugging doesn't go astray with the new boy.

    Bet he's in the House of Lords in 5 years

    Typical MP