John Reid: We must use science to defeat al-Qaeda

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by whitecity, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. In the past I've pontificated over the idea that the Iraq (mis)adventure is the practical manifestation of a mad neo-conservative academic scientist's experimentation with social demographics and ideology.

    Having jumped ship from Defence to Home Office, is the SoS now attempting to impose staff cut-backs on the Police in lieu of the arrival of much heralded 'network enabling capabilities', blah, blah...??


    Text here: 'We must use science to defeat al-Qa'eda'
  2. If this lot had been running the country during WW2 just imagine how we would have fought the war:

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  3. John Reid joins the list of ignorant cnuts who believe we will win this war with technology instead of a basic understanding of human behaviour. Take a seat next to Donald Rumsfeld. You stupid fcuk.

    On the other hand, if they could use technology to create this, I'd be happy:


    Mmm, Lisa, my favourite 80's robot. She can win my war on terror anytime.
  4. OK, heres a nice simple experiment to start off with:


    May need a bigger gas cabinet though......and some bigger test tubes
  5. Did he mean wiv sums and spellin and stuff?

  6. Great picture Sejanus - I see one of the formation copped some flak and is going down in flames.

    Smoke me a Kipper!
  7. How much science do you need?

    They´ve had the Neutron bomb for years,they could have dropped a couple in Afghanistan near the caves where Bin Laden was hiding and nobody would have noticed, (except of course the observant types noticing that a few rocks had moved)! :twisted:
  8. We don't need technology, we need leadership and political will.
  9. the american way ISN'T the best ffs!
  10. No john we need to use neutron bombs!
  11. No, we need science TESTS - like a physics exam or something. This would mean Al Qaeda would be easy to track as they accessed websites for the answers. The only (small) issue is getting AQT to register for the exams but if, like MK2, we linked it to promotion they would all sign up - then we could get them.

    Oh yes, this is genius!!
  12. You use the science to get the bloke to court - CPS or others cock-up. The defendant gets equal scientist tothrow dust at the prosecution scientist.
    You use science to get the bloke - for want of a better word - interned. Fluffy types moan and moan.
    You use science to identify who needs summary execution - As if.
  13. ... I really love it when people talk about science and it's potential uses when they haven't got a clue what it is.

    John Reid is a dullard. He only said it because he thought is was an original and intelligent thing to say, when really it's just vapid and vacuous drivel. The man is a moron.

    FYI - science is a way of thinking about things - a methodology if you will.
  14. Here bloody here God gave us Neutron weapons for a reason - and that reason was AQ - in fact the Pakistanis would no doubt be quietly grateful if a few 'missed' and cleared Waziristan etc.
  15. Reid has clearly learned none of the lessons from NI - you do not win wars against terrorists. They will stop terrorising when they lose their support and when they change their ideology. In the meantime we defend against the threat.

    Reid etc wont face the fact that terrorists will sometimes get through and people will die.