John Reid - Stop moaning about yobs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Suits me fine! Now wheres my baseball bat...
  2. You would get sod all backing for taking vigilante action. Probably end up with a criminal record too.

    Put parents of ASBO type kids in jail, and spend some money on coppers not speed cameras you halfwits.

    P.S. Create more jobs by building and staffing new Jails and lets make them proper jails with no luxuries.
  3. Okays, so the boys go out with the base ball bats and then they go to jail ... what happens if you go in hard.
    If you go in softly softly, by talking, you will be lucky if they just steal or burn your car and attack your house, you will mostl likely get stabbed!
    If Ried has any idea, the solution is simple, more police, tougher sentances, throw them in prison, make prisons harsh, no TVs or soft furnishings, no parole or one 1/3rd sentances... sounds like a police state but where there is a tough and harsh punishment these feral kids wont want to be so brave and cause trouble or damage.
    How can he be dumb to say ordinary individuals should risk their own safety by confronting these thugs! You die and they say nice words about you... you turn their knife on them when they attack you and you live and they get hurt, you go to jail!!
  4. Bloody right

    Bring back milk in schols and make illegal for chavs, gangsta types and general ne'er do wells, to breed!
  5. Reid is a bloody fool. The public do try, they report things to the police, they even confront these scummers.

    What is needed, as has been alluded to, is tough sentances and a tougher than tough prison culture. No TVs, crap food, and a harsh physical existance. They wont want to go back. One time in prison also removes the right to vote for life (not that half of these scroats would vote anyway), all social support ie dole and NHS and the priveledge to drive.

    Also, I would suggest multipliers. If it is your second offence, then you complete any parole you were given then start your new sentance, which is all automatically doubled as it is your second offence. 3rd offence = tripled, 4th = quadrupled. Pretty soon these scum are going to realise that after a few offences they are going to die in some squalid hell hole whilst working their fingers to the bone.

    May take a generation or two but hey, we will get there.

  6. I like that a lot MULTIPLIERS

    Get it read John Reid and ahem "Make it so" 8)
  7. Like this?
  8. No, C'mon if you are that bored write me a story... bullet points, thugs, crime, vigalante(s), jail, lawyers, police and social workers.

    I want a happy ending and a cynical (read realistic) one.

    I would like to read it after lunch... Crack on, best speed, Tally ho.
  9. I don't do stories or so most people tell me.

  10. Ahem, how about a true report from that journo you know :?: :D
  11. Lardbucket McNasty is currently on duty in Germany investigating a serious case involving the Iranian football team.

    It was been rumoured that the Iranians have actually been enriching Lucozade.

    On his return, I'm sure he will grab the issues of the day and attack them in his own individual style.
  12. Just realised that between myself and Mr Soft we have dragged this thread completely off topic. :oops:

    So in a vain attempt to put it back...Do you think this is a licence to be a vigilante?

    Would you stand up to a group of Social miscreants and expect the law to back you up?
  13. Last resort of the deeply unpleasant Reid and Liabour - blame the public for not supporting the workers' paradise in which we live!

    Everyone knows that if you call the police, nothing will happen unless you say it is a motoring offence or an illegal anti-Liabour protest.
  14. mind you unlikely to change if dave got in not as if theres actually going to be any more cash for coppers to do coppering.
    5 times phones the police about yobs on the road with those irrating minimotos not exactly the crime of the centuary but not even a hint of a squad car so whats the point of reporting someinthing if no action is ever going to be taken?
  15. I love this...

    Typical managementspeakbollox for doing zip, whilst looking good on paper.

    There is about 1% of the population who have any hope of 'standing up to yobs' and getting any 'respect' and that is the 1% who the little scrotes are already scared of; the ones who have a bag of drugs under one car seat and a FO big firearm under the other. For the rest of the populace, the scenario would be a knife in the ribs immediately and a flashing blue light a long time later.

    As has been mentioned, until the punishment fits the crime, and that means 20 years inside for carrying a knife, the public are going to do diddly; especially as any action they do take will result in them very publicly being hung out to dry and following Tony Martin into the porridge making business .